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Reviewed on 2006-04-14 by Frank




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First Impression:
Ah... the open sea, the smell of salt in the air, the cry of gulls above, ocean breeze blowing over your bare balls. You can only be one place, the Bang Boat. This site will appeal to the sex outside crowd. It's a natural. Hot sunny days, young pretty women in teeny weeny bikinis; it gets the blood flowing to all the erotic body parts. You can almost smell the coconut oil glistening off the warmed up bodies of the sexy nymphets this site features. The tour gives you a very good idea of the content. There are lots of trailers showing you exactly what to expect. The trailer videos are in a huge 640 x 480 pixel format. This is both an indication of how cheap bandwidth is becoming and how many people are on hi speed lines. It also means that the site's videos will be available in the larger format which is a growing trend that I am seeing at the better pay- sites. I like the girl-next-door look of the women on the site's tour. I like the overall design of the tour. It, along with the well edited video trailers, makes me want to join this site. Once inside I will let you know whether it is worth it.

It seems I have arrived at the site just in time to see the 100th episode of Bang Boat. That is quite significant in the dog eat dog world of pay-sites, my congratulations to the owners of the site. This is good news for the site members too because it means if you like their stuff there is lots of it too view. I click on "view all her pictures and videos now!" as commanded. I am given a variety of choices for looking at Flor's video. It is available in low med and high kbs options depending on your Internet connection. I chose medium because I have DSL and I don't want to wait for the video to begin streaming. I check out the 640 x 480 pixel screen size but find the loss of quality with the medium setting to make it less attractive then the 320 x 240 pixel size. There is also quick time available for Mac users and others who just prefer it to windows media player.

The Flor movie I watch is divided into a dozen 3-minute clips. She is picked up in town, brought back to the boat where she is persuaded to suck these two enormous black cocks and then she is banged brazenly on the boat, thus the name of the site, the Bang Boat. The movie ends with both of the gigantic ebony dicks spurting cum onto her face and into her mouth. This is a very hot 100th anniversary contribution to the collection.

Now I have to confess to being previous familiar with the Bang Boat. I have visited a lot of Porn Sites in my time. I don't remember exactly when or where but I know I have run across the Bang Boat as a plug-in on some site or other. It has been a while though and there does seem to be a lot more content. As I page through the site looking at videos I have not recognized any as having been seen before. But I do recognize the theme and recall vividly why I never spent much time looking at these videos. They are all so similar.

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. I know lots of people like something they can count on. They want to know that things will unfold in a reliable way. Well this site does have a dependable predictability. Each video begins with the recruitment of the young woman. And I must say many of the women are very attractive. Then they return to the boat where she is talked into giving blowjob to two extremely well hung black guys. Then she proceeds to insert these monster cocks in her pussy. We follow the action through a dozen or so 3 minute clips, 5 minute clips if you are on hi speed, or 1 minute clips if you are on dial-up. In the final clip we have the ubiquitous facial shot, two big black penises pumping hot loads into waiting and willing open mouths.

As I say many will love the reliability of this site to deliver consistently the same product, over and over again. It just is not my cup of tea. I could watch 5 or 6 of the videos and be quite happy. Watching 100 of them would be like some kind of punishment. But that's just me. Thankfully if you are like me there are lots of other bonus sites here to distract you. And since the Bang Boat is basically a general fuck and suck kind of site, with the action taking place on the boat, you will find lots of other fuck and suck sites here.

This is a site that consistently and reliably delivers what it promises, young attractive women being fucked by huge basically black cocks. They have just celebrated their 100th episode so there is lots of banging on the boat to see. In addition members have access to 20 plus bonus sites so there is hours of viewing material here. I personally found the Bang Boat quickly became boring with its persistent following of the same story line. The site is super easy to navigate and filled with lots of exclusive content. Make sure you have not already seen much of the content as a plug-in on another site.

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