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Baby Dolls on Fire

Reviewed on 11/25/2008 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.8

Main: Babes

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today we're taking a look at a site called Baby Dolls on Fire. Baby dolls are those cute - and very sexy - ultra short nightgowns that women wear, and this site focuses on babes who start off wearing these short nighties to tempt their male sex partners. Judging by the pics on the tour, it works, because there's plenty of action as all the girls suck cock and get fucked hard. The join page promises fast downloads, exclusive multiple quality movies, bonus sites and hundreds of picture sets. Sound good? Then join me for a closer look at the member area of Baby Dolls on Fire!

Baby Dolls on Fire isn't a large site. It offers 10 episodes, and while they all show the length of the videos, names of the models, 3 video options and galleries, there are no dates anywhere. On the other hand, there are no ads, misleading links or other BS on the member home page - just links to the content and links to the bonus sites. You'll find customer service links at the bottom of the page and a pic of each model.

The videos here are all downloadable, and the HIGH Quality videos can be streamed. This is unusual because they're MPGs - I don't think I've seen streaming MPGs till today. It was also appreciated because the high quality videos are big - over 700Mb a piece - so if you don't feel like waiting, streaming is the way to go. The high quality videos are shown at 640x368, and they're pretty good quality, although if you go full screen you may notice a loss of quality. The medium sized vids are also MPGs, shown a little smaller at 480x256. These look pretty good at their full size, although I did notice that the smooth motion of the MPGs is exaggerated just a bit during play. Last comes the iPod videos, which are MP4s shown at 320x240 with a bitrate of around 450k. All the videos look pretty good at their original sizes and are downloadable.

Each video comes with a set of pics. These are shown at 600x900 and are fairly good quality. They lack just a little detail, and the lighting is not perfect, but overall these pics do cover all the action you'll find in the videos. They can be browsed in thumbnailed galleries but are not offered as slideshows or in zip files.

The models here appear to be euro chicks, and they look like regular porn performers. They're mostly pretty hot, varying from slender to more lush-bodied. The action here is also good, with plenty of kissing, guys undressing girls, and licking their asses and pussies as well as sucking and fucking. One thing I noticed even on the tour that was true of the member area content is that the baby dolls come off almost immediately. Guys who love watching girls get fucked while wearing lingerie will find themselves disappointed but if you love watching babes in lingerie getting undressed; this site will definitely turn your crank.

The bonus sites here include both a miniskirt and tight jeans site as well as a teen site, pussy licking site and office sex site. The sites seem to mostly be much larger than Baby Dolls on Fire, so if you're looking for plenty of exclusive bonus content, I think you'll like the bonus sites.

Except for its smaller size and lack of updates or update schedule, there's no issues here. Everything that I tried worked, navigation is simple and intuitive, bonus sites were easy to get to, there were no issues on the join page and there's no DRM. Just so you know, I first saw the site a couple months ago, so we know that if the site does update, it doesn't do it very often.

Baby Dolls on Fire offers 10 exclusive videos of horny babes wearing baby doll nighties in action. The baby dolls themselves come off pretty early, and after that there's plenty of naked babes and hot sex. All the videos can be downloaded in 2 sizes of MPG vids and MP4s for iPod and QuickTime. Each video comes with a set of pics, too. Quality is pretty good here, but I just wish there were more content. To help make up for that, there are 6 network bonus sites, 2 of which feature girls in tight jeans and in miniskirts. The bottom line is if you like what you see on the tour and don't mind smaller sites, you'll find what you're looking for at Baby Dolls on Fire.

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