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Asian Parade

Reviewed on 07/15/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.7

Main: Asian

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
There's nothing like slutty Asian girls with their small tits, tight bodies, and unstoppable sexual energy to get a guy horny. That's why Asian chicks the best fucks around! I was asked to check out this new site called Asian Parade that promises to "unlock the secrets of the far east" by showing Asian amateur models doing all kinds of guys. I think that sounds cool so here I am to take a look at Asian Parade and tell you all about it.

My first look at the site shows a member page that is pretty clean, nice with an orderly design and pleasant colors to make this site easy to move through. Up at the top of the page we have a line of text that reads: "Loyal 2nd month members get access to our downloadable video archive". They don't tell you what their downloadable video archive is, but apparently first month members don't get access to it. Just below that is the newest model, and off to the left we have a small site menu. Further down there are thumbs and links to some bonus reality sites and directly left of these is a small menu of DVD's that can be purchased. Right below the reality site thumbs is a list of recent updates to the bonus sites as well as the feeds. Just below that is a table of downloadable clips for your IPod, and below that is some helpful software in case you need help to view the content.

Off to the left of the page Asian Parade has a small adult marketplace menu with things to check out such as Live Cams, Premium Movies, Sex Dating, Men's Health... etc. and some other topics that may be worth of taking a look at. The bonus reality sites found directly below the newest model have a broad selection of topics to choose from that range from first anal sex to wild college parties to facials plus almost everything else in between to keep members busy. All the bonus sites work with the same username and password as Asian Parade.

Asian Parade has 23 models who range from average looking to hot and sexy, and who speak good clear English. The first page of the movie index has six thumbs of new girls that will be appearing on the site soon. The movies are available in streaming clips only and WMV is the format. There are three speeds and two sizes to choose from as well as a QuickTime option. The three streaming speeds are 56k, DSL, and broadband, and the two size choices are 320 x 240 and 640 x 480. The QuickTime option streams a 320 x 240 video clip. There are no options to download the entire movie.

The streaming video clips show up at decent amateur quality. The lighting, sets, sound and production values are average to good for non-professional porn like this and will keep members entertained. The time length for each broadband clip is 5 min, the DSL clips are 3 min, and the 56k option are 2 min. Some of the clips start off with a short introduction Q&A with the model and the stud while others start off with a massage, and some start with street pick-ups. Each video ends with Asian amateurs sucking and fucking! Asian Parade films each girl with a clean style and in tasteful settings with no weird camera angles or other crap to distract from the action.

Asian Parade also has pictures that come with each model and they are nice looking digital stills that number around 140 or so for each chick. These pictures are pretty good and are what you would expect from decent porn photography. They are lit well, framed well, shot clearly, and are not vidcaps. The models also do a little bit of posing for the camera that isn't always in the videos which is a nice feature, too.

All in all I like Asian Parade because it is really simple to get around in, has a mix of amateur Asian sluts and hot lookin' models and is a promising start for a new site. The settings are a blend of different scenarios so members don't get bored with the same set-up for each video. The models are a fair representation of the asian niche and the girls on the coming attractions look great. The movies fit the amateur quality of the site nicely which is to say that they are neither overdone, or really bad, but just right for an amateur site like this. The pictures tell the same tale here also with size and quality that is "just right" and fit the focus of the site. I wasn't crazy about the lack of a full movie download option but otherwise the site is pretty good stuff. I recommend giving this site a try and I think that with regular updates it will get better over time.

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