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Annie Berry

Reviewed on 07/30/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.3

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Annie Berry is a cute sexy 19 year old French Canadian web amateur. Her website,, focuses on Annie and her day to day activities that mostly revolve around masturbation, lesbian sex and straight sex. Whether alone or with others, she certainly isn't afraid of a camera and projects a wholesome amateur teen look. So let's take a peek at Annie Berry and see what she is all about.

Annie Berry's member area organization is good. The content is easy to find and there aren't any misleading or annoying links or advertisements getting in the way. The site seems to have nine videos in Annie's collection so far and the frequency of updating is unknown. Annie also has a diary section that was last updated in April '06 (this is the end of July) and sadly doesn't have a search feature but just the one entry.

Annie Berry is cute, blonde, and attractive in her own natural way. The settings for her encounters range from her bedroom to a jacuzzi to a kitchen as well as a session onboard a sybian sex machine. There are also some outdoor situations such as the park, a dock and a car. She has a well balanced sex life full of all the usual activities like public masturbation, dildo-fucking one of her girlfriends, and fucking one of her boyfriends in a hot tub.

The video formats are WMV and MPG and come in a variety of speed choices. In the WMV category the site offers 56k, 128k, and 700k. In the MPG selection we have 350k and 650k. The screen sizes go from 240x180 to 480x360 in WMV format, and 219x160 to 321x240 in MPG format. No DRM was detected and the videos function relative to their respective size, ie: the clips of smaller bandwidth are a tad jerky while the clips in the larger sizes run smoothly. There is also an option to download the entire movie but while this is available in most of the episodes, it is not available for all. The full movies are WMVs that show at 720 x 480 and are very good quality but rather underlit.

The video clips are of an average level of amateur quality. That is to say that this would be the work of someone who went to the electronics store, bought a camera, took it home, and started shooting videos right away. Clarity, lighting, sound and composition are all entry level, but the variety of poses and combination of wide and zoom shots shows an attempt at cinematography by adding an element of variety to the overall compositions.

Annie Berry includes still pictures are found at a separate link in the members area called "pictures". Annie Berry herself is a cute and average looking Canadian teen with an easygoing style who seems to enjoy herself and the pictures seem to capture this. The sets are digital stills and contain 23 sets of about 38 to 151 pictures each. They are good quality in all ways; sharpness, composition, lighting, etc. and someone obviously took their time here.

The site also includes vidcaps, found listed on each video's page. The vidcaps number about 40 to 74 images per video episode. The quality of the vidcaps is the result of cutting the previously mentioned videos into pieces and look the same as the clips that they came from. There are is no choice of picture size but both the vidcaps and the stills are offered in downloadable zip files and viewable slideshows.

There are 18 bonus sites available for Annie Berry members that cover a wide variety of general porn topics, from pornstars Peter North and Lex Steele to various other single girl sites. There is also group action, latinas and all-girl gangbangs.

Things to note: Annie Berry offers plenty of site support to help with any problems. Too bad Annie Berry has no dates on the updates and no updated or archived diary entries. The video clip quality is okay but there is a problem as some of movies are dark no matter how much you turn up your monitor's brightness and contrast.

The Annie Berry tour seemed pretty thorough and honest but needed five pages to sell a site with only nine whole videos. Sign up is easy - just click the "join now" link, and cancellation is easy, too.

The Annie Berry site layout and navigation is easy enough and not misleading, so finding the content is quick. Her site offers a small video selection of amateur quality movies, vidcaps, and high quality digital stills. The digital pictures seem to be better than the rest of the content. There are 18 bonus sites offered here to supplement the site and are a good selection of porn that will keep members busy for a while. The tour was honest and site support is easy to find and use. I would say that the pricing is a bit steep for a site with only nine videos but if you take into account the bonus content might be worth checking out.

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