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Angel 2 Slut

Reviewed on 09/26/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.7

Main: Sex

2 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
At Angel 2 Slut they take girls who think they are walking into a photo shoot and “rip thier (sic) fucking clothes off.” Yawn, this is another "lets-fool-the-girl into-thinking-this-a-photo-shoot" site. Except on this site there are no girls, just "bitches" and "sluts" and "whores". "Every girl is whore deep inside; we just bring it out." the site proclaims. The cookie cutter reality tour has two pages depicting 6 scenes from the sites content. It looks like there is a certain bondage and dominance element to the content. There is girl riding a guy’s cock with her arms bound behind her and another image of a girl blindfolded with a cock in her mouth. There are no trailers on the tour. This site is one, in a network of sites. I recently reviewed one of their other sites, My Asian Massage, where the tour was set up in an identical fashion to this one, two pages depicting six scenes. Only three of the scenes actually appeared on the site, so I am a little leery about what I am going to find inside. One of the girls has "angel 2 slut written" on her face in black marker. That would suggest content exclusive to the site. That was the impression that My Asian Massage gave too but then the site was 99% non-exclusive. With low expectations I enter the site.

Like My Asian Massage, clicking on members drops me into the Suck My Dick Now site. With My Asian Massage I clicked on today’s Asian and found my way through another link to the My Asian Massage content. Here I have no clue which of the twelve images of updates may be Angel 2 Slut. I descend the page and find all the sites in the network listed. Angel 2 Slut has five pages of videos with 12 videos to the page. I click on the first one, Brittany Skye. That is a name I have seen around a bit. The images look as though they have nothing to do with the theme of the site. The video is 11 minutes and 110 MB. It must be downloaded to be viewed. I start the process. It is not a particularly fast download, 178 kb/s. I click on the next video, Beth. This is an outdoor scene and not only does it not look as though it has anything to do with the site’s theme the text describing it has nothing to do with the theme. By the way be sure to right click and save to your computer. If you left click the download link the video player opens asking for your log-in. You will have to wait a mighty long time before it starts to play.

The video opens with the Title: Brittany Skye and Nick Manning. This is no angel turned into a slut. This is a professional porn model with augment breasts doing a slick fuck and suck. This is not exclusive content. I am also disappointed by the quality of the video. 110 MB for 11 minutes is a huge file for a video that only has a 320x240 pixel screen. Beth’s video is 169 MB and is still downloading. I have also started a download of Honey. The two download speeds hover around 160 kb/s. When the Beth download is completed I click on Reese to start her download. Whoa! Totally new format! Her video is divided into 12 parts over two pages. Each part is labelled "best quality"; in anticipation of a lower quality offering in future? Each segment is 36 MB. Yikes, that is big. No full version of the 400mb movie is available. I click on Amy Lee a girl I know from Montreal to see if it is only big movies that are broken up. She has 12 segments of 19 MB. So this is just a hodgepodge mixture of whatever they have bought.

The Beth video quality is good on its 320x240 pixel screen but it should be better at 169 MB one would think. Beth is a cute teen with a beautiful body and pretty shaved pussy and the sex is great up until the stupid facial on her tightly clenched lips and grimacing face. I like the Honey video. She is just starting out in porn. Not a beauty but she has great blue eyes and good attitude. She likes sex and getting paid to have sex on film. One cameraman spends time fingering her. The sex is obviously enjoyable for her and when he pulls out of her, bareback, it is to shoot a rather large quantity of sperm onto her belly and breasts, a nice happy finish.

I feel I have to give Angel 2 Slut a failing grade. It is not the site that is sold in the promotional tour. It offers 60 teen fucking movies plus gives you access to a bunch of other sites like My Asian Massage offering 100 plus Asian teen fucking movies. This is all non-exclusive content. The content has nothing to do with the site. You will be angry if you join the site based on the promotional tour. There is a lot of content here. Packaged in a more honest way, in a better-organized site, one day it might even get a positive review.

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