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American Daydreams

Reviewed on 03/26/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.3

Main: Sex

3 Day Trial: $1.95
7 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
American Daydreams dedicates itself to making "all your daydreams cum to life!!" The tours features a variety of fantasy shoots such as the visit to the hairdresser; the chick who rear-ends your car and wants to settle the matter privately; the naught nurse with the great beside manner; the French maid who wants to make your bed while you are in it; the girl next door; the girl who wants to rent a room at your place but can't afford the rent; the young baby-sitter who needs to be baby-sat on your lap; well not that last one, I made that up. Although I confess to being a little surprised that I did not find it amongst the many trailers you can view in the tour. The site offers access for members to 10 sites in the Naughty America suite of sites. I have already reviewed a number of their sites; see my review of Fast Times at NAU. Their other sites have impressed me and I am betting I am going to be equally impressed with this one.

The members area is set up in the same unattractive fashion I found disappointing when I reviewed Fast Times at NAU. Have a look at the screen capture of the members' home page and you will see what I mean. It is such a contrast to the image presented in the tour. Well, packaging is important and the tour did make me want to join. I am also struck by the fact that while the tour presents this as a fantasy site and describes the fantasies we might encounter, here on the home page there are no descriptions of the videos' content. We have only the names of the models and thumbnails from the video. It is not until we click on the link that we find out what the fantasy is to be about. I would encourage the site designers to remedy this.

I click on the link to Courtney and Mary because it I am curious about what the threesome fantasy might be, other than a fantasy about a threesome. It seems the fantasy is a pillow fight between the girls followed by some fucking. The picture gallery has links (view pics), (hi-rez) and (hi-rez zip). The view pics link leads to 640 x 480 pixel video captures from the movie. The hi-rez pics are digital photos but are surprisingly small, in the 400x 600 pixel-size range. The full video is offered in (DSL) (56k) and (mpeg). The DSL link streams the video and the mpeg link downloads it. The movie is also available in five, five minute clips either as downloads (mpeg), or as streaming video (wmv).

The movie starts out with one girl sick in bed, comforted by another girl who is soon joined by a guy. Next and inexplicably the girls are scantily dressed standing on the bed having a pillow fight which lasts about 2 minutes and makes you wonder why the shoot would have been entitled "Pillow Fight". There follows an incredibly hot threesome with a great cum shot and cummy play by the two girls. The set up to the sex is stupid but the sex is robust and well shot with great camera angles.

The other videos I view have the same feel, that is, a weak set-up to the scene but some very hot well-filmed sex subsequently. I like the content of American Daydreams but the vehicle chosen to deliver it confuses me. It gives me the feeling that they had a lot of content and said "what should we do with this?" rather than saying "let's shoot content for a daydream site." One video I watched did give me the sense that it was shot for the site and that was the one where Nyomi Marcela rear-ended the back of a car driven by a black dude. Maybe the newer material for the site will be more focused.

American Daydreams and its sister sites offer an immense amount of content. There is a large selection of very pretty girls to choose from, most of whom have natural breasts, which is always my preference. I had a quick peak at some of the videos in the other sites and was impressed with the consistently high quality of those I looked at.

American Daydreams receives my recommendation. It is not without its flaws as noted in the review but it does offer consistently high quality content. The sex scenes here are amongst the hottest I have ever seen. I am thinking specifically of the double blowjob performed by Courtney and Mary on some lucky guy with a big dick. The content of American Daydreams and its sister sites that you access through your membership is exclusive to this franchise. You will not see it elsewhere. The vast amount of content, the consistency of the updates, and the quality of the shoots makes the price of the entry very reasonable; however please note that trial memberships do not give you access to all elements of the site.

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