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Reviewed on 2006-08-30 by Frank




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I recently reviewed another black guys fucking white chicks site. I was not impressed. This site, All Interracial, looks much more promising. First of all, it is a site that appears to put its whole content in its promotional tour. There are presently 16 episodes in the tour with five of the episodes accompanied by a video trailer that loads and streams quickly. The five trailers give you a very comprehensive impression of what is to be found inside. The last "black guys in white chicks" site I reviewed I described as being low budget, low end and lowbrow. It is great to have this site to review immediately afterward because it contrasts sharply. In the previous site too many of the girls were from the low end of the model beauty scale. There was also a surfeit of bogus boobies. The models looked hard and used in comparison to the fresh young faces here. I suppose it could have been too that the previous site focused on anal. All the girls on All Interracial have natural breasts and from my perspective that is a huge plus. The whole approach here seems more energetic, imaginative and fun. I really like sites that put all their content in the tour. I like what I see in this tour and that means it is highly probably I am going to like what I see inside. If there is any downside it would be that there seems to be only 16 videos on the site, all exclusive they say. It is also not clear from the tour how often the site updates. There, are however 54 reality sites that come with your membership to All Interracial and the join page says that there are updates daily.

There are, in fact, 17 videos in All Interracial. There are links under each movie’s thumbnail to video and gallery. I click on gallery under Roxi’s thumbnail anticipating video captures but happily surprised to see actual photos, 533x800 pixels. This is a perfectly adequate size. There is no slide show option but the photos can be advanced manually and give you a very good idea about the nature of the video shoot. Each of the girls is ranked and Roxi has received a score of 6.94, one of the highest so I am keen to see her video. The video is available in 3 speeds; low, medium and high. Each of these options opens and streams quickly. The medium screen is 320x240 pixels. The high screen is marginally larger, 400x308 pixels and the quality is very good at that size. The video is broken into seven parts. There is also the option of streaming the complete video. The videos cannot be downloaded and saved. I kind of got a giggle out of the story line in the Roxi video. She opens the door to a Jehovah Witness and invites him in. Of course they are soon fucking. Try that with the next Jehovah Witness who knocks on your door.

My preferred way of viewing the videos is to use the full movie option. Once the video has connected you can move around anywhere in it without waiting for the complete download. I consider this the Cadillac of media viewing formats. My favorite video is Chloe. She is cute brunette with braided hair, a great English accent and a cheeky attitude. The dude she is paired with finishes smoking a joint and soon has 4 fingers inserted in her pretty pussy while they swap tongues. I find the banter and foreplay very arousing. Another 86 video scenes from 17 DVD titles augment the 17 videos on the site. They are found in the link Downloadable Videos. With scenes drawn from titles like "Black Dicks in White Chicks" and "Bang My Tight White Ass", the content is totally consistent with the site’s theme. The video section is set up in an identical fashion as the videos on All Interracial but with the added option of downloading the file to your computer. I find the download speed slow, 122kB/s but the 400x308 pixel video quality is good. If you stream it, it buffers quickly and although the screen is smaller, the video is still of good quality.

All Interracial is a site where you can quickly determine for yourself whether you will like it or not. The promotional tour has the complete site on it and with five trailers you get a pretty good idea of what you will see. And I can attest that what you see in the tour is what you get on the site. I was concerned that 16 videos might not be enough but they are augmented by another 86 videos of black guy, white chick content. In addition to the substantial inter racial content there are another 50 bonus sites.

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