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All About Ashley

Reviewed on 06/17/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 5
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.0

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $2.93 (recurs at $39.93)
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is on All About Ashley. This is a teen solo girl site. Here you have pictures and video of the star of the site, Ashley (or was that obvious?), as she talks about her life and sexual interests, strips, and masturbates.

The members area is well-organized, and it's fairly easy to use thanks to the navigation links at the top of the pages. One confusing aspect is on the video pages, at the bottom of every videos page is a section for 2 upcoming videos so it seems like the next pages are all upcoming videos when in fact they're not. There's a number of ads here, 5 small graphic ads on the right side of every page, and then near the bottom of the pages you have 6 "friends" that are links to other paysites without mentioning that part.

Ashley is a cute girl, perhaps not stunning, but a fresh look. A sporty body with a small-B-cup at most, blue eyes, and a natural-style blonde. I'm terrible at guessing women's ages, but I'd say she could be 18 years old as claimed. In the videos, she talks to the camera, strips and plays with herself; the videos are about 2 to 10 minutes a piece. A few of the photo sets also have her with other girls doing the lesbian thing, but none of the videos have that.

There are 28 videos found on this site, plus 2 more "upcoming videos" which seem to be the full videos as well. There are no dates listed anywhere for updates, so no way to tell when new content is added - I don't think it's been recently since in one of the videos she's talking about Britney Spears getting married, which was back in 2004.

Videos come in Windows WMV and QuickTime MOV formats, both displaying at 320x240, and the WMVs have a bitrate of 291kbps. Both types of video stream in and play smoothly on DSL, but there are no smaller versions for dial-up users.

The video image quality is moderate camcorder-quality, soft and at times a little digitally-fragmented, but not terrible. Audio is also camcorder-quality, so it's quiet and a little distant; sometimes the videos also add a music track on top.

There are currently 265 image galleries on this site, with anywhere from around 40 to 80 pictures per gallery. The images are a decent size at around 691x1040, and about 150kb file size. The pictures look pretty good, nice clarity without being too sharp, and well-lit and -framed. The galleries are simple affairs, just cropped square thumbnails, no text or slideshows or next-picture links or zip files.

Bonus content is all about the other sites in this network; you can find these links at the bottom of every page. It starts with 6 other solo girl sites. There's also 36 sites covering a range of hardcore niches. All the sites on this network are of a similar quality as this one, so you know what to expect.

My first negative is the number of ads found all over the members area, like they're saying your $30 a month membership fee isn't good enough for them. There's also no update dates so you have no idea if there will ever be new content added. This site also has some short videos, I wasn't expecting epic movies here but 3 to 10 minutes doesn't seem like that much. And the videos are small, they get by even with their low bitrate - though some of the MOVs don't hold up as well - but they really could be better. Finally, the site promises access to both 65 and 75 bonus sites, yet only delivers 42 links - I'm pretty sure that's less.

In the end, this site focuses on a cute girl, is easy to get around but has too many ads, has just 30 short and smallish videos yet a good number of photo galleries, and membership comes with a decent amount of bonus sites - even if there's not as many as advertised. If you like this model, it's not likely you'll find her elsewhere so you're going to want to join for a month and soak it all in then quit if they don't give you updates, but in general I can't recommend All About Ashley.

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