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Alison Angel

Reviewed on 04/02/2007 by Relentless

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.3

Main: Single model

1 Month: $24.95 (recurs at $19.95)
3 Months: $49.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
This is a solo girl site which means the entire site is devoted to one particular girl and gives you greater access to her than large corporate pay sites usually do. The key to a good solo girl site of course is the quality of the girl herself. Alison Angel is a stunning 5'8" tall blonde with a natural 36D-26-36 body. After looking through her photos and videos I am not sure why she decided to make this website instead of getting a mainstream gig for a fashion magazine... but there is no doubt her decision to start this site instead certainly works in your favor!

Alison was born on April 7, 1986 and currently lives in Cincinnati Ohio. She is a mix of Cherokee Indian and European heritage. Also, unlike a lot of pretty girls in this business these days, Alison has managed to keep her body completely natural without any kind of implants, augmentation, tattoos or other distractions. If natural beauty is what you seek then Alison stands ready to provide it to you in abundance.

The site has been averaging approximately two to three updates of high quality video and world class picture sets every single week going back to August 27, 2005 when the site first launched. That means it will take you hundreds of hours to soak in all of the content already available on this site as you get to know Alison Angel personally.

Alison's members area is much more like a community than a pay site. It includes a real message board that she replies to daily where her loyal fans can chat with her, suggest upcoming material, asked questions about her or just sit back and see what others had to say. Alison also offers diary updates the few times a month to make sure our members get to know just what she has been up to in her very busy personal life.

The video entries include plenty of softcore teasing, a few light girl/girl scenes and enough masturbation or kinky fetish requests to keep your cock busy. The site does not however contain any hard-core action with male participants. It seems that is just the way her members want it. Alison's loyal fans are very protective of their innocent friend and their care for her extends beyond wanting to see some stranger has sex with her.

The quality of the videos is as good or better than most other websites. The pictures are perhaps the absolute best available on any website today. Most of the photo sets are in what the industry considers to be high-def, but Alison Angel goes a step further and offers up additional picture sets in mind blowing 3000x2000 ultra-high-def formats so crystal clear that you could print them out as posters for your wall without any pixelation or distortion.

Another key reason why her members are so excited by the ultra-high-def images provided is that they serve as absolute proof that Alison is without a doubt one of the prettiest girls ever to appear on the net. At 3000x2000 trying to make touchups or to doctor the photos in some way would take months. There is no substitute for natural beauty and charismatic charm, in those departments few girls will ever be able to compete with Alison Angel.

The only negative about this site is the simple fact that it is restricted to a single girl and no matter how wonderful and beautiful that girl is, on days when you feel like seeing someone else this site will not be able to provide her to you. For someone planning to be a member of more than one site at a time Alison Angel is a perfect option. For someone with varied tastes that change day to day with your mood, it may be a bit too confining for you.

This site does not offer a trial period but at $24.95 for your first month, it is reasonably priced. Alison does something unexpected by offering her members a recurring charge of only $19.95 for each month after that during the entire time that you're a member. By offering a reduced recurring fee she has managed to create quite a community of loyal fans who she treats more like romantic friends than dollar signs.

It cannot be said often enough that Alison Angel is truly a remarkably beautiful girl and her site is a genuine solo girl entity that allows her and her fans to share in a very special relationship. Take a look at the tour and if you are smitten by her charming ways, sign up and see all that Alison has to offer.

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