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Absolute Vids

Reviewed on 05/02/2008 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 10
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.0

Main: Hi-def
Additional: Movies

3 Day Trial: $3.95 (recurs at $24.95)
1 Month: $24.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Absolute Vids is a hardcore site offering real HD (that's high definition) videos including some very nice sized video trailers on the tour. There's a variety of action going on here from good old fucking and sucking to group sex to lesbian strap-on foursomes. The performers seem to be Euro chicks, and some of the girls here range from porn regulars to low-end pornstars. After watching a few of the video samples, I'm ready to see more. So join me for a visit to the member area of Absolute Vids!

I case, the first thing I notice on the Absolute Vids member homepage made me laugh. It claims that the site's latest updates were added on 12.31.1969. Interesting to note that there are three updates listed as this week's updates because the site doesn't actually update three times a week. More about that shortly. The page does offer the latest updates, top-ranked movies, previews of up-and-coming updates plus links to loan its content. You'll find the customer service links at the bottom of the page and a handy search box in the upper left corner.

Absolute Vids currently offers 64 episodes, each offered with pics and videos. Each video is offered in five sizes in both WMV and Flash formats. The videos can be viewed as clips are full scenes and most come with extras that can be bloopers, cut scenes or other stuff.

Now let's talk about the best video options here. If you're a quality freak like I am, make sure and tick HD before you start playing or downloading your movies. These vids are shown at 1068x600 with a whopping 5.24 Mbps bitrate. You can go full screen with these videos with absolutely no loss of quality, which is really nice. And while most of these videos seem to be shot by an amateur photographer, he or she is good enough that these videos rock. And for those who don't have the beefy broadband to bring in such large videos, the T1 videos are offered at a screen size of 852x480 with a very nice bit rate of 2.58 Mbps.

The next video size down, called broadband, was a little disappointing because although is the same screen size as the T1 videos, these videos have only half the frames per second, which means they don't play all that smoothly. There is even slower speeds for dial-up users and slow broadband users. I like the WMV is the best - they played smoothly and looked good or I felt the Flash videos were quite as sharp and clear.

More good news is that the Absolute Vids pics are big (1000x1500) and good quality and show plenty of action. I was disappointed that these pic sets were not offered in downloadable ZIP files, because there are some definite keepers here.

While most of Absolute Vids's claims are fulfilled, including exclusive streaming and downloadable HD movies, full episode downloads and high and low bandwidth options, one claim is exaggerated. The joined page says "New movies added daily" but the truth is that only one clip is added per day - a full movie is added once a week.

In addition to the Absolute Vids pics and videos, full members get access to 31 video feeds including a wide variety of porn categories from amateur to lesbian to teen. While these are not HD sites, they still add some value for members are looking for a little more bang for their buck.

One other thing worth mentioning is that I believe the trial memberships at Absolute Vids are limited trials. That means trial members do not get full access to the content, so the trial is only useful if you want just a taste of what the site has to offer.

If you're looking for exclusive HD content, Absolute Vids definitely delivers. The best quality videos here are big and beautiful, and downloadable with no DRM. You can choose clips are full scenes and each video comes with a set of good quality pics. The site currently offers 64 exclusive episodes with a new scene added once per week. If you love watching horny Euro porn chicks fuck, suck and pussy in large very good quality videos, I definitely recommend you check out site name!

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