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First Impression:
The tour of 8th Street Latinas is a reality tour. This means that we get to see the real Latin girls who we'll find inside the tour. There are several pics of each girl, and on the first page there are also sample videos. 8th Street Latinas has 20 pages of girls who appear in the member area - that means you get to see 100 of them, and that's a good thing. Knowing what so many of the girls look like certainly makes it easier to decide if you like the site. Now let's go further - let's check out the member area and see what's inside 8th Street Latinas.

8th Street Latinas doesn't waste any time getting you to the content. After a big sexy pic of a Latin hottie in a bikini, you'll see the latest updates listed on the page. The picture updates are on the left, the video updates are on the right. Scroll down and you'll see thumbs of a bunch of the girls, followed by a link that says View All and then the bonus sites members get access to.

I followed the View All link and was taken to a page with thumbs linking to all the girls of 8th Street Latinas, each listed with name and the date her set was added to the site. There are 172 girls listed on that page, and every one has her own videos and pics. And there are always new girls as 8th Street Latinas adds one amateur Latina per week, releasing the videos in thirds.

If you love amateur Latin girls, you're gonna like the Latinas in 8th Street Latinas. With their warm brown skin and dark eyes, they are some of the most natural cuties I've seen. And every one of these hotties is sucks cock and get her Latin pussy fucked!

I decided to check out 3 movies to start - one of the oldest, one in the middle and one of the newest so we could compare. The older video I chose stars a girl named Yanina. Her video was in 3 parts was available in 2 formats - WMV and MPG. Each part of the video is available in 1-minute clips or you can download each part as a full movie by clicking the link under the clips. Each clip is available for dialup in WMV format and for broadband in both MPG and WMV. Now let's talk quality.

The WMV's are amateur quality and you will notice some blurring when the camera moves a lot. The videos are still pretty watchable, though, as the WMVs are streamed at 349k and are shown at screen size of 352x240. The MPG clips are better quality and are definitely the way to go if you want to enlarge the video. The sound was excellent on both dialup and broadband clips.

All the videos on 8th Street Latinas are presented the same way - in 3 parts, each part available as clips or a full movie. The middle movie I chose next was a Latina sweetie called Camilla, and she was so very cute and sexy. The video quality is better than on the oldest videos, very watchable. Again, the MPGs are a little better quality than the WMVs, and the video is very sexy and fun to watch. Camilla is a latin dream girl, too.

The newest videos on 8th Street Latinas are bigger and better quality. The broadband WMVs stream at 540k with a screen size of 480x320. They are a good amateur quality and - like the other movies - have good sound. All the movies on 8th Street Latinas are quick to load and play very smoothly.

And don't forget the pics. If you love pics of hardcore fucking and sucking as much as I do, you're gonna have a good time. Every episode on 8th Street Latinas comes with a full set of pics. They are good amateur quality and a nice size, and they show every part of the shoot from start to cumshot.

Besides all the pics, videos and weekly updates, 8th Street Latinas members also get access to 16 bonus sites. These aren't cheesy paid feeds, either - these are 16 hot reality sites, many with over 100 exclusive videos. This adds a lot of value for members.

If you love Latinas as much as I do, you'll enjoy 8th Street Latinas. They have all the right stuff - plenty of pics, over 170 different girls and some very down and dirty videos. When you add the bonus sites, I think 8th Street Latinas members get a lot for their money. Why not check out 8th Street Latinas for yourself and see what you think!

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