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2 Chicks 1 Dick

Reviewed on 07/06/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.6

Main: Threesome
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80

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First Impression:
I like a site where the domain name states clearly what the site is about. I click on this URL and I expect to see two women and a guy. And that is exactly what I do see, but what I didn't expect was another attempt at trying to fit the concept of two girls fucking one guy into a now tired reality mold or should I say mould. The tour tells us "we started this web-site on a bet made between friends. Whomever (sic) can have sex with 2 chicks the most within a month gets $500. Join us in the adventures as we seek the hottest chicks to fuck at the same time." This gets tiresome, the increasing weak attempts to try to present something new to distinguish yourself from the others. Isn't a site that offers a variety us two girls and a guy in pictures and videos enough? Why do they have to "phoneyfy" it with totally unbelievable themes? Ok I could get with a site the featured dueling pornographers with deep pockets who say lets see how many beautiful duos we can do in a month. I say deep pockets because these girls cost. And you have to pay the camera guy too; the promo pictures do not look POV. Forget about the stupid story line of the site and just look at the pictures. The women are good-looking. There is a trailer for each film included in the promo. The trailers deliver the kind of action you would expect to see. They are large 640x480 pixels if you choose the DSL versions. I like what I see.

There are 28 girl/girl/guy videos on this site. There are actual photos, (600x800 pixels), not video captures, that accompany each of the videos and were shot at the same time as the videos. As a member you have access to another 12 sites. I have already reviewed two of them Big Sausage Pizza and Cheerleader Auditions. Like those sites, the videos here are broken into one-minute segments. There is no complete version of the movie available for download or streaming. There are longer segments available in wmv format but I was unable to make them play despite the fact that I have the most recent Windows Explorer and Media Player. An advantage, I guess, of one-minute clips is that you can pick any portion of the video you want.

For my first video I select Laura and Monica. I was attracted to it by Laura's natural looking breasts and a text describing the video that totally contradicted the site's competition theme of who can have the most two-girl sex. "I was testing out my new camera by taping Monika and her boyfriend play video games. Then Monika's roommate, Laura, comes walking in and starts taking off her clothes." Videoing a threesome is not the same as being part of the threesome. Cheater. I had to go back to the front page to just check the text. Then I smack myself in the forehead. Why do I care? Let's just call this a threesome site.

Monica and Laura's video is divided into 28 one-minute segments. As expected the longer wmv segments will not play for me. I begin the tedious process of downloading these short clips, two at a time. The download speeds are acceptable. After downloading the first 10 minutes to get an idea of how the video's handles the site's theme, I skip about the rest of the segments downloading samples of the action. I finish by downloading the last two-minutes that capture the cum shot. It takes nearly a half hour by the time I am finished. I open all the clips in my media player and it plays them progressively. I am afraid the effort on this one was wasted. There is no set up at the beginning. The text has nothing to do with the video. What we get are some "Prague Pornsters" who say absolutely nothing. If they did it was edited out because it was not English. That's okay. I can handle that. Unfortunately the video itself is not worth the effort. The action is uninspired. The two girls take the compulsory cum shot on their tits and everyone looks happy that it is over and they can get paid and go home. Which is exactly what I want to do.

2 Chicks 1 Dick promotes itself as a reality site based on a bet two guys make about who can have the most two-girl sex in a month. The first video that I looked at had nothing to do with the theme. To see the video I had to download one-minute segments. I was not able to make the longer wmv segments work but a friend of mine on another computer was, so others may not have the same problem I did. Unhappily the only video I watch most of the way through was boring. The other videos I watched only a few minutes here and there; most ended with a facial cum shot shared by the two girls. The major weakness of this site could be remedied if a full version of each video were added. Membership includes access to another 12 sites that all function similarly.

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