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18 Interracial offers legal teens sucking and fucking black guys or to be more precise here is a quote from the front page of the promotional tour "fresh teens getting fucked by big black cocks in every hole". There are four pages of images on the tour so we get to see quite a few of the girls the site has. The first two pages of the tour have trailers associated with the images. They stream very rapidly and provide an excellent and enticing example of what we should expect to find inside. I watch a trailer for a girl named Eva. I am attracted by her large natural breasts and girl-next-door-look. The trailer convinces me that I want to see more of this girl. The tours offers lots of free trailers giving the viewer more than enough information to make a decision about joining the site. I know it has decided me. I am going in.

The home page has links to video feeds, video on demand, bonus sites and store. The video feeds lead to a chat site, the video on demand leads to an AEBN theatre. I was glad to see they had all my movies from Basement Broadcasting. "Bonus sites" leads to links to the 19 other sites that members can access. The movies are available in mpg and wmv formats. The wmv format can be streamed as well as downloaded. Mpg is only available in a high quality download while wmv can be viewed in low, med or hi. I try both the medium and hi wmv formats and finally settle on medium as the best compromise between quality and speed. Everything works here which is a nice change from a number of sites I have reviewed recently.

The current update for 18 Interracial is episode 67. Sixty-seven videos of black guys fucking white chicks is a lot of content irrespective of the bonus content. The girl in episode 67 doesn't have a name and if she said it in the video I missed it. She is a pretty Latino-looking blond, wearing red and white boy panties. She says she is 18 and looks it. She has small tits. A black guy rises from a sudsy tub. His dangly balls soon rise up into a title little sack as she sucks his cock to the point of climax. She needs help shaving her pussy. Her landing strip is not centered. Virgos notice these things. After a condom free fuck, the guy comes on her face, getting it in her eyes. Why do guys do this? It burns. Then the chick is all squinty-eyed and in pain. It makes a happy ending unhappy.

The next video is a blonde girl of nineteen who has a do it yourself, or maybe a done by a stoned girlfriend, kind of haircut. Hope she doesn't read this. Women are so sensitive about their hair. She has a lovely body with nice natural breasts and a totally shaved pussy with prominent pussy lips. She really gets into being fucked by the two black guys and at one point has to take a cock out of her mouth to concentrate on an impending orgasm. The first guy comes inside her, as does the second guy going in for what we used to call "sloppy seconds".

Next up is Kimmy, a fellow Canadian, who says she couldn't live in California where this is filmed because she needs the winter. She is 18. She finishes by taking a load of cum in her mouth and saying good-bye from Canada - the patriotic thing.

There is tons of content on this. You will be provided with many hours of happy wanking. The girls are, by and large, very attractive and many do look like the girl you might have living next door to you. They also genuinely do appear to be eighteen and nineteen. There is lots of two-girl action and two guys on one girl. The videos download rapidly or stream with very little buffering. Videos are 320x240 pixels in size and are generally well lit. The only pictures are video captures. Members get access to another 19 sites with their membership to 18 Interracial. I quite liked this site.

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