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15 on 1

Reviewed on 06/17/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 6.0

Main: Group sex

2 Days: $2.95 (recurs at $28.01)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The tour of 15 on 1 shows some incredible gangbang scenes. Each episode shows a single horny girl as she takes on what looks like at least 10 guys. Sometimes the guys stand together for a photo and you can count 14 or even 15 of them - and every one of these guys gets a turn at the girl and gets to shoot his load all over her. Want to know more about this site? Read on as we review the member area of 15 on 1!

The layout of 15 on 1 is simple and easy to use. On the very top of the page are links to bonus sites, DVD content and customer service. Beneath that are the videos, listed 3 to a page, each shown with 5 thumbs from the video plus links to high and medium quality video clips and full videos. Each episode includes a synopsis of the action, as well. The first 3 episodes also have links to pics.

Since 15 on 1 is a brand new site there are currently 13 videos. All of them show one or two girls taking on a whole bunch of guys. On the tour, there are no episodes shown with 2 girls, but inside the site there are currently 6. Also I found 3 girls on the tour who aren't inside the site - Cathy, Sarah and Tanya. Presumably they will be added in future updates. If you were considering joining to watch those particular movies, you might want to think twice but you should be fine if you just want to see some 1 or 2 hot honeys take on an entire team.

Now let's watch some videos!

The videos are WMVs and, as mentioned, can be watched as clips or full movies. You get to choose medium or high quality. The high quality videos I watched were shown at a screen size of 640x480 and streamed at 1368k, which is pretty damned good. Some were good quality but some had a little unexpected blurriness and I would rate those videos as amateur quality. The medium quality videos are also shown at 640x480 and stream at 580. The quality wasn't as good as the high quality videos, and I think the medium vids would have looked better at 480x360.

The videos are shown in letterbox format, so the actual video image is shorter than 480 - probably around 400. I would have preferred that the image fill the player but the videos are still bigger than some sites offer and are pretty good stuff. The sound on some of the videos is normal but on others it's very quiet, so expect you may have to turn your volume up quite a bit for those.

These girls really do take on 15 guys although some of the videos seemed to have maybe a couple less guys. Every girl sucks dick after dick and gets fucked by each guy on the team before she finally gets covered in cum. And believe me, after taking 10 or 15 loads, these girls were dripping! The actors don't speak English in the videos I watched, but frankly I was too busy watching as the girls of 15 on 1 got their mouths and pussies banged raw by 15 cocks.

Then there were the videos where 2 girls took on 15 guys. Some were pretty fucking hot although one, Jaymie and Len, got off to an odd start since it seemed they were being initiated into a secret society. This was probably the lowest quality video, even though it streamed at the same speed as the other movies. It is also the shortest movie, lasting 6 minutes and 56 seconds. I do find myself wondering if Jaymie and Len's scene is exclusive since it's under 7 minutes and the quality isn't there. Still, just like with the other videos these two sluts find enough time to cram plenty of cocks into their holes before being drenched in splooge.

Something you might want to know is that while the duration for each video on the tour is generally over an hour or close to an hour, the length of the videos in the member area is often shorter. While I did find a couple videos in the member area that were over an hour, most were under - some way under. Also on the tour, they claim Jane's movie is 55 mins 45 secs, but when I played it was 35 mins 03 secs.

15 on 1 members get access to 24 exclusive bonus sites, listed as exclusive sites. These are reality sites in a wide variety of niches including gagging, handjobs, teens, tits and a bunch more. Members also get access to 29 feeds and leased bonus sites listed under bonus sites plus the DVD archive, a large archive of DVD movie content. I think that between the bonus sites, feeds and DVD archive that this is a good package for people who want access to a huge porn collection.

The good news is the 15 on 1 is full of hardcore gangbang videos and girls taking load after load of cum. The movies are good quality, come in clips or full movies and are quick to load and members get access to enough bonus content to keep very busy. Although 15 on 1 has only 13 videos and 3 pic sets at this time, the content is 100% gangbangs. The not-so-good news is that the tour is sometimes misleading and the videos are not downloadable. If that's not a problem for you, be sure and surf over to 15 on 1 and see more of what they have to offer!

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