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1000 Facials

Reviewed on 12/06/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Cum shots

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $49.95
1 Year: $99.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
1000 Facials got me to thinking, "Have I viewed a 1000 facials already?" That’s one hell of a lot of facials but I am sure being the big viewer of porn that a reviewer of porn must be, that I have seen already at least 1000 facials. That’s a lot of the creamy white stuff under the bridge as they say. Still a site with the balls, pun intended, to call itself 1000 Facials, must have one hell of a lot of content. Alas I see that they are only at 194 and counting. Well good for them. They grabbed a catchy domain name. Sure caught my attention. And 194 facials is a very significant amount of content. From the text in the tour, you might get the impression that this site is from Kazakhstan. The text has a kind of Borat quality to it. "Welcome to! Join us on our mission... to find and facial (sic) 1000 girls!!! We’ll deliver a new facialed (sic) girl every week! Join today and you’ll see the best fucking and sucking and of course, a facials (sic) everytime (sic)". I click on the first trailer for a girl named Lela Star, "one of the hottest chicks I have ever had the privilege having them sucking my dick." Lela’s trailer is on a large screen and Lela is a beauty. The only think that alarms me is the title, "One man, one mission, one camera."

I don’t like one-cock sites. After a while they become so boring and not just because it is the same cock over and over and over again. It is because the same guy does the same moves in the same sequence over and over again. The site has a lot of bonus material to compensate for that so maybe it won’t be too bad.

The member’s page is a bit confusing. It seems to have girls from all the sites. There is a box called Recent Member Reviews. I click on Francesca thinking I am going to see a review but no, it opens to Francesca’s video and picture page. The video is available in full-length mpeg, wmv low or wmv high options, or you can click on any of the 11 thumbnails to view a segment of the movie in wmv format. I quickly learn this is made in the USA site. I blush at the quality of the English in it. Francesca’s video is only 320x240 pixels or half the size of the trailer videos. I watch several segments of the movie and am impressed with the variety of the shots that the guy is getting. He moves the camera around fairly frequently which has to mean stopping the fucking and repositioning the camera and getting back into it. He should remove the lens hood when he has the camera set on wide angle. It is visible in the shots. Curiously the final segment ends with no facial. Yet when I click on the photos section of the shoot that contains video captures from the shoot, clearly there is a facial at the end of the scene. I always find this kind of sloppiness by the web master off-putting. And where the hell is the member review?

The next Recent Member Review I click on is Satine. Her movie is only available in full movie format. There are no segments. I choose the mpeg option. It buffers and streams immediately. It has the same small screen and the same problem with the lens hood. Here we do get the facial and both he and she nicely avoid getting any sperm on her mouth. Her 176 pictures are a combination of real photos and video captures. It turns out Satine is also in the Highest rated box along with five other girls, all with perfect scores of 10. Hmmm. I would have given her a 7, maybe an 8 at most. I click on Lisa Sparx who has also received a 10. Her movie is only available in full length. Again I chose the mpeg format. By the way you can also download the movies as well as stream them. Though the format is small, 360x240, the quality is very good. Lisa is an attractive blond with large floppy breasts and a great attitude and she appears bereft of a gag reflex. This time there is a confederate assisting with the camera which enables more and better angles. Like the previous movies this guy has to finally jerk off on the girl’s face. My hypothesis is that after cumming on so many pretty faces he is too jaded to get of solely from the oral and manual manipulations of his penis by the girls.

There are five girls in the most popular category. I want to check out Ginger Lee who heads the list. No she is not Asian. She is a blond with incredible green eyes. Her movie is available in 6 segments. I click on the first segment. It is 640x480 pixels and has a bitrate of 1500 kbps. Ginger is a lovely girl with pert breast who gets fucked vigorously. Again the facial is missing from segment 06 or maybe there should be a segment 07. This is just so sloppy for a site that has facials in its domain name.

This is a good facial site if you don’t mind seeing the same dick repeatedly. There is lots of content and the quality of the videos is very good. There is a certain sloppiness on the part of the Webmaster that is consistent with the terrible grammar of the text on the site. One has to chuckle at a facial site omitting the facials from its videos.

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