J.R. was born and raised during the great porn boom of the 1970s in the pornography capital of the world: the San Fernando Valley. Starting with nothing, J.R. would eventually claw his way out of the Southern California gutter to become a self-made man in the skin business, first passing through the burgeoning strip club industry of the greater Los Angeles area, wetting his beak into the porno mag trade, the illicit phone sex biz, and eventually striking a claim on the early frontiers of the world wide web.

By 1996, J.R. had set out to conquer the internet with porn, creating site after site running the gamut of almost every niche imaginable at that time. In the beginning it was like wildcatting in the Texas oilfields, striking gusher after gusher, but soon it would all come crashing down due to unscrupulous rivals, lying sycophants, backstabbing friends and family only out for their greedy selves, and even old Uncle Sam himself. Yessirree, it took a tough man to survive the minefields of the internet porn industry through all that; J.R. would rebuild himself into a leaner, meaner animal ready for the modern business of web smut.

Having seen what dishonest websites could do to the web porn industry, J.R. now better recognizes the difference between crap and crystal. Using his magnifying glass-like scrutiny, he now brings truth to the masses about which porn sites are worth their time and which ones are just blowing smoke up their keisters. Disgusted by lesser reviewers who just craft a sleazy sales pitch instead of giving the surfers the honesty they deserve, J.R. continues his crusade to bring straight shooting to you, the average porn fans.

Favorite porn categories: Erotica, Solo Girls, Foot Fetish
Favorite porn sites: FTV Girls, Sapphic Erotica, Karup's PC