I have been in the Internet adult business since 2000 when I was laid off my job. I looked for something to do from home, well actually from a sailboat in the Caribbean. I thought an Internet business might be the way to do that. At the time the only companies that appeared to be making money on the net were those selling sex. I did a little research, looked at a bunch of porn sites and thought I saw a niche. I was looking for something softer. So, shooting all my own content, I started a panty site My move into shooting hard core stuff was unplanned and the result of a couple of models encouraging me. I then partnered with a webmistress on the development of a number of niche sites, black porn stars, big dicks, hairy pussies, etc. Unfortunately I needed twice the money I had to make it work. Along the way I acquired some very good friends in the adult business and some skills as a video editor. Now I am a content provider. I recently re-launched and opened a theatre, that features the amateur movies I have made. When not looking at porn or taking pictures and movies of naked young women, I love to loaf on the Plateau sipping a latte and reading the Gazette.

Being a maker of porn, and an owner of several failed porn websites had led to this gig as a reviewer of porn. I like sites with exclusive content. I like amateur sites because I find that the sex is more real. I don’t like polished highly produced products even as I admire the quality of their lighting and make-up and camera work. I like it when the sex is fun for both partners. I don’t like to see woman demeaned and called sluts and bitches. I don’t like obviously artificial breasts that turn a woman into a comic book figure. I like variety. And I love doing reviews for BitchMag because they want me to call them as I see them.

Favorite porn categories: Amateur, Panty, BDSM, Camel Toe, Movie
Favorite porn sites: Hogtied, Christine Young, Fast Times at NAU