Hi. I'm Basschick and when I'm not reviewing porn sites, I'm playing one of my bass guitars. I prefer fun sites and sites that are really high quality and I like punk and metal. I also love sites that convey a real personal touch and sites like Gods Girls and Horror Movie Babes that are perfect for my sometimes gothic tastes. I also like REAL dom/sub role playing sites where a woman comes out on top, but there sure aren't many of those around that feel real.

I've been involved in the porn industry for years, although - sorry boys - I have never posed nude for any site or magazine ;) I DID work as a dominatrix for a time, but decided I liked sitting at my computer seeing the best - and worst - that porn has to offer.

Did I mention that I love my job? Because I do! I get paid to surf porn, and not only is it sometimes very sexy, there's a lot of variety to keep things from getting boring. I get to check out a lesbian site followed by a latina site and the next day, I review a video archive site. I've even made friends with a few site owners.

And every review I write for BitchMag is really what I see. No one pays me to make a site sound better - or worse - than it is. I call it like I see it, tell you what I really like and I make sure to let you know the quality, speed and size of the videos as well as the size and quality of the pics. After all, if you're going to spend your money joining a site, you should know what to expect! And that's what review sites are all about :)

Favorite porn categories: Goth, Celeb, Gay
Favorite porn sites: Video Box, Chateau Cherie, Brandi Belle, Mr. Skin, Horror Movie Babes