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Selling a Home

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Description: When it comes to selling homes, Gianna Michaels is great at it. She will do anything to sell a house. As you can see, she really will do anything. This guy wasn't sure if he wanted to buy the house. So, Gianna Michaels goes the extra mile to make the sale. She knew if she fucked him, he would buy the house. Guess what? After having sex, the guy did buy the house. Gianna Michaels makes her money and both of them are happy.

Flu Shot

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Description: Everyone knows it is important to get a flu shot. This guy came in to get his yearly flu shot. The doctor was out of the office, but the guy insisted he got his flu shot. The guy must have been one of those people who are germ freaks. Anyway, Shy Love called the doctor and told him the situation. The doctor agreed to come in, but it would take him an hour to get there. Well, these two got bored really fast. As you can see, Shy Love made things interesting. That guy probably forgot all about his flu shot while he was fucking her. Luckily the doctor didn't catch these two fucking. If he had, that germ freak might not have gotten his flu shot.

Office Fantasy

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Description: It is no secret at the office that Penny Lane and Eve Lawrence are having a fling. What nobody expected was, that they wanted to have a threeway with their boss. Do you think he was going to turn that down? Penny Lane and Eve Lawrence weren't trying to get a raise. They wanted to fuck the living shit out of their boss. Show him a good time that he would never forget. As you can see, they did that and then some. After everything was over, he admitted this was his first threeway. He had never been with two girls at the same time.

Secret Fling

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Description: Olivia Olovely and her boss is having a secret fling. He's married and she's always horny. The ideal mistress for a guy that does nothing but work. Hey, a guy needs to get laid. All that work stresses him out. Olivia Olovely knows exactly how to relieve his stress. As you can see, not only does she have a good body, she can put it to good use. Without a doubt everyone will agree, Olivia Olovely deserves a raise. At the very least, an extra day off.

Fighting Bosses

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Description: Sara Jay and Darryl Hanah both have feelings for Van. These two have had many cat fights over this man. They both realized something important, it is better to make love than fight. Why not triple the pleasure and have a threeway? Van wasn't going to turn down a threeway with Sara Jay and Darryl Hanah. What man in their right mind would?! As you can see, these two former fighters weren't fighting any more. There is a lesson to be learned in this episode. Fucking is a lot more fun than fighting!

Real Estate Deal

Site: Big Tits at Work

Description: Gianna Michaels had to make the deal. She needed to get some property off her hands. Gianna Michaels is the type of woman that always closes the sale. It doesn't matter what it takes. She will make that money. She knew this guy would go ape shit if she fucked him. She'd sell the property and make a bundle of cash. No one can blame Gianna Michaels for doing what she had to do to make the sale. As you can see, she's one hell of a saleswoman.

Troubled Lawyers

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Description: The pressure was building. Sativa Rose and her partner in the law firm felt they were losing the case. This was a big deal, because this was a very important case. All the tension got to them. They needed to relax and regroup. Sativa Rose knew exactly what would calm them down. As you can see, she has very good ideas. Sex is the one thing that will always calm people down. Especially when it involves a chick as hot as Sativa Rose. As a side note, they actually won the case.

New Job

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Description: Carmella Bing was sick and tired of her job. Oddly enough, the guy she's dating had an opening. He knew just how good of a secretary Carmella Bing is. No one was around, so he conducted the interview. Carmella Bing wanted to make sure she got this job. So, she fucked the living shit out of this guy. By the time she was done with him, she had the job. Not only did she get the job, but he agreed to pay her more than her former boss was!

Almost Fired

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Description: We've all had that asshole boss. Well, he came into work in a bad mood. Anyone who looked at him the wrong was going to get fired. This dude hasn't gotten laid in a long time. He knew that Tory Lane would put out if he threatened her job. What he doesn't really know, she would fuck him any time he asked. He wouldn't be walking around with those blue balls if he would just open up a little. Anyway, after learning her job was on the line, Tory Lane was more than willing to fuck her boss. As you can see, she calmed him down really good. So good in fact, he paid for everyone's lunch that day.

Actress Needs Work

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Description: Cody Lane is trying to break into show business. So far, she hasn't done very well. She hasn't even gotten one acting gig so far. Cody Lane needed to make some money quick. She had bills to pay and all that shit. So, she thought it was about time to fuck the producer. When it comes to show business, you have to do what you have to do. Cody Lane isn't the type of lady that quits easily. After fucking the producer, he guaranteed her a starring role in his next movie. We'll see if he keeps his end of the bargain.

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