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Category: Wives

Hot Wife Rio (Overall score: 8.5)
If you love horny wives, get ready as we take a look at Hot Wife Rio. Rio is a sexy woman in her late 20s or early 30s who loves to fuck and suck her husband and play with herself and her girlfriends on video. To judge by what I see on her tour, Rio loves sex toys, fantasies and role playing. Her site is in its 5th year of hardcore escapades as well as offering personal journal entries that give a peek into her everyday life. So what am I...
Chica's Place (Overall score: 8.1)
Chica's Place is an amateur wife site that revolves around Chica, a cute mexican-irsh amateur. She started off making a few private sex videos with her husband (well, they weren't married yet) and they discovered that they liked it. Next thing ya know, they decided to create a site and the rest - as they say - is history. The first tour page of Chica's Place starts off with a video showing some of the highlights, you might say, including Chica...
Roni's Paradise (Overall score: 8.1)
Today we're taking a look at Roni's Paradise. Roni is a milf with a taste for stockings and hose. She's from Hawaii and has a hot body, exotic looks and great legs. Her pics and videos include pics of her in pantyhose, high heels, stockings plus there's plenty of hardcore as well as pic sets of her friends in action. Something else I like is that Roni does a live cam show for members. She and her husband, Lucky, own and operate her site, so her...
Rookie Swingers (Overall score: 7.8)
If you're into swinging couples, here's a review just for you. The site is called Rookie Swingers and the action is husbands and wives who decide to spice up their sex lives by getting together with other couples. This isn't just a wife-swapping site because the couples do their switching in the same room, often on the same couch or bed, and sometimes the wives get together and play a bit. And I must say that it seems that the wives and their...
Real Wife Stories (Overall score: 7.6)
If you're into neglected housewives desperate for cock or wives who revenge-fuck their hubbies' best friends, there's a new site that should tickle your fantasy buds. It's called Real Wife Stories and it's from our friends at Brazzers. The hot and horny women on the tour of Real Wife Stories look just like real wives - if you happen to be married to a pornstar. On the other hand, this could be the perfect site for you if you prefer the fantasy...
Please Bang My Wife (Overall score: 7.5)
Please Bang My Wife is a site that features wives fucking other men while their husbands watch. Sometimes it's the wife's fantasy to take on someone new, sometimes it's her hubby's, but either way the tour shows lots of different wives sucking on cocks. The only claim the tour makes is on the join page where it says members get access to 18 more sites. I want to know more about Please Bang My Wife so I'm heading off to the member area.
Housewife Bangers (Overall score: 7.3)
Housewife Bangers features wives who get fucked while their husbands watch. Some of the men not only fantasize about watching their wives get fucked - they help find the guys who fuck them. The tour shows a little taste of every housewife who gets banged inside the site, and some are real hotties where others are normal amateur girls. Want to know more? Join me as I log into the member area of Housewife Bangers.
Screw My Sexy Wife (Overall score: 7.3)
What could be sexier than an amateur wife getting fucked by another man? How about that same wife getting banged by a pornstar while her husband watches? Screw My Sexy Wife is all about wives who fantasize about getting their pussies stuffed on camera and husbands who get horny at the idea of watching their wives in action. Dave Cummings helps bring these horny wives together with pornstars that will satisfy their cravings. Sound good? Let's...
See My Wife (Overall score: 7.1)
See My Wife is one of the latest sites from Reality Kings, and it's also the one that brings us the closest to reality. See My Wife features a different amateur wife each week. Each wife's video is shot by her husband, and so we get to see the way she flirts and teases him including the way she talks to him and the way she masturbates for him. And we also get to see her suck his cock and get fucked POV-style. And for those of you with a hot wife...
XXX Proposal (Overall score: 7.0)
The scenario at XXX Proposal is that they find broke young couples who really need money and offer them $1000 if the wife is willing to get fucked on video. Sometimes the couples have to be convinced but mostly they jump on this opportunity to pay the bills. Sometimes the wife likes the excuse to fuck a new guy, too - and some of the husbands like the idea of watching their wives with other men. It seems like this site has a good idea and I'd...
Housewife 1 on 1 (Overall score: 6.8)
Housewife 1 on 1 is a site dedicated to fantasies about housewives. At first glance I thought it might be another MILF site but this is different. These videos depict the fantasy sex of housewives. For example in the tour, Mrs. Wynn has wrecked two of the family cars. How is she going to make it up to hubby. You guessed it. There must be some sexual way to take his mind off the accidents. Another housewife, Mrs. Lee is unhappy with her husband's...
Blacks in Becky (Overall score: 6.5)
Blacks in Becky features a housewife who loves banging black dudes, and her husband loves to watch her do it while he holds the camera. Becky looks to be around 35 or 40 years old, so this site covers a lot of porn categories - amateur wife sex, interracial, cuckholding and milf. Something that makes this site stand out is that the tour pics show that Becky is really having a blast getting fucked by huge black dicks, and if you read the intro...
Extreme Wife Swapping (Overall score: 6.3)
There are some pretty hot sites out there showing married women fucking strangers, but what about wife swapping sites? It was pretty popular a few years ago when swinging couples would get together and trade partners for the evening. Now a site called Extreme Wife Swapping introduces 2 couples and captures the action as each husband fucks the other's wife. To make it even more interesting, there is a video of each swapped couple in action so...
Shady PI (Overall score: 6.3)
Do you love watching wives and girlfriends as they're caught cheating on video? That's what Shady PI is all about. According to the site, he's a private detective whose wife went out on him, and now he specializes in catching other men's wives in flagrante delecto using his trusty camera and hidden spycams. The tour says members get access to a collection of exclusive bonus sites and daily network updates. Sound good? Then let's take a look at...
Wife Switch (Overall score: 6.1)
Wife Switch is the site under microscope today. This is a wife-swapping hardcore site. Among the many sizes of trailer offered in the tour, the largest are the biggest fuckin' trailers I've ever seen - my first digital camera didn't take photographs that big! In the past few years there's been a few TV shows about what it'd be like to live with someone else's wife - let's face it though, we all know the end result of those is really about...
Phat Ass Housewives (Overall score: 6.0)
I am not up on my Ebonics but I know that phat doesn’t actually mean fat, it means something positive and as I glace through the pictures in the tour of Phat Ass Housewives it’s clear that these asses are not fat. Well there may be one or two that veer in that direction but most are just nice round bubble butts. This site comes with two complementary bonus sites, MILF Thong Hunters and Milf Boobies. It so happens that I have recently...

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