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Category: Uniforms

Naughty Office (Overall score: 8.0)
Office sex fantasies have been around for as long as women have been working with men in offices. There are plenty of secretary and boss sex videos, but till now most of them were fairly lackluster. How many men or women have fantasies about a hot co-worker? Well, Naughty Office brings those fantasies to life - and they do a good job of it. Want to know more? Read on!
Doctor Adventures (Overall score: 8.0)
Doctor Adventures strikes me as likely a good business venture in the world of adult erotica. Doctor and Nurse Fantasies abound in our sexual psyches do they not? How many a teenage boy has contemplated a career in medicine as a way to access the private parts of women? And judging from the number of doctors that have been hit with malpractice suits for fingering inappropriately their patients, both female and male; some of those fantasizers...
Big Tits Boss (Overall score: 8.0)
Big Tits Boss focuses on not one but TWO classic porn niches - big tits and fucking your female boss. The girls on the tour do have big tits - very big, in most cases - but unless your boss happens to be a 20 year old porn starlet who dresses in clothes vaguely reminiscent of an office worker, the performers in these fantasies won't remind you of your boss. Still, the women here are sexy as hell, and the office fantasy is always a winner, so...
My First Sex Teacher (Overall score: 7.8)
I think most of us had sexual fantasies about some of our teachers when we were still in school. Unfortunately most so-called teacher sites out there have movies and pics that look like they were shot on a porn set. Most of the videos and pics at My First Sex Teacher take place in what looks like real classrooms. The situations are familiar to most of us, too. Guys in trouble for not doing their homework or having bad grades end up having to...
The Real Workout (Overall score: 7.3)
The girls on the tour of The Real Workout aren't any more fit or firm than most porn chicks - what this tour focuses on is sex in the gym - and they certainly deliver that. All the models wear tight and tiny workout clothes and there's plenty of fucking and sucking. The tour makes a few promises - access to 5 bonus sites, exclusive content, easy to use member area and fast servers. They also let us know clearly that the trial membership is...
Cheerleader Auditions (Overall score: 7.0)
I am trying to remember back to the cheerleader in high school who I use to fantasize about. Oh yeah, I see her clearly now. The white bloomers under the short cheerleader outfit, I see them almost as clearly now as I could then, masturbating to the remembered glimpse or maybe even the imagined glimpse of that white exotic territory. This is a huge male fantasy and judging from the photos on the promotional tour, those of us that like to see...
Naughty Athletics (Overall score: 7.0)
When you go to the gym do you find yourself staring at girls working out in tight spandex workout clothes? And when you're driving down the street or passing your local college, are you turned on by the chicks running in tight clothes and the cheerleaders? If you said yes - and who wouldn't - have I got a site for you! It's called Naughty Athletics and it features girls working out, jogging, playing tennis, and they're all wearing the kind of...
Phat Booty Cheerleaders (Overall score: 6.8)
Imagine cheerleaders with cute amateur faces and big, round butts. Then imagine those short cheerleader skirts showing peeks of white panties covering those sexy asses. Phat Booty Cheerleaders shows a collection featuring both white and black girls in their cheerleader uniforms as they toss their pom poms and shake their booties for the team. Of course, all that jumping around in tiny skirts must make these girls horny, 'cause the girls do a lot...
Cum Swapping Cheerleaders (Overall score: 6.3)
Cum Swapping Cheerleaders takes two popular porn niches - cheerleaders and cum-swapping - and puts them together in a hardcore site. For guys into cheerleader uniforms and girls sharing loads of cum mouth to mouth, this seems like a site that should get your attention. The tour here offers potential members features like exclusive content plus hi-res DVD quality movies that are 30 minutes are longer and can be downloaded to your hard drive. A...
XXX at Work (Overall score: 6.3)
XXX at Work is a site that should have interesting possibilities. We all know that a lot of hanky panky takes place in the work environment. There are those of us having our panky hankied and there are the rest of us that fantasize about relieving the boredom of the workday. When I think of sex in the workplace I imagine a cute secretary on her knees under the desk giving me a blow job while I conduct perhaps a performance appraisal interview...
Ass Army (Overall score: 6.1)
Ass Army is just one part of a vast network of over ninety websites all included in the price of your one monthly membership. The members area of Ass Army is shared by the other ninety sites as well. When you join a network like this one it really should be for access to the whole set of sites more than it would be for any one site in particular.

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