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Category: Teen

FTV Girls (Overall score: 9.2)
When I first saw the tour of FTV Girls, I was blown away. Picture over 200 of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen, every one new to video. I'm talking beautiful long-legged slender model-types with shapely bodies and sexy smiles. The FTV in FTV Girls stands for First Time Video, so these girls haven't been caught on video before. While these girls may be first-timers, they are definitely not your average amateurs. These are well-groomed...
Met Art (Overall score: 9.1)
If you are a fan of erotic photography featuring beautiful girls of between 18 and 22, Met Art should be one of the first sites in your personal top ten. The "Met" in Met Art stands for Most Erotic Teens, and after even a quick look at the girls on their tour, it's hard to argue with. The variety of stunning nude models, from waiflike to curvy, is sure to whet your appetite, and the quality of the photography is almost unrivalled so what are we...
Only Cuties (Overall score: 8.8)
Only Cuties is our next review subject. It's a teen site including content ranging from solo to girl-girl to guy-girl porn. It also confesses to its models being 18 to early 20s, and the girls on the tour do look very cute. The tour claims they have 1280x960 WMVs, 960x540 QuickTimes, 720x405 streaming Flash vids, updates every day of the week, high quality videos, and one whole bonus site!
Just Teen Site (Overall score: 8.7)
Just Teen Site specializes in 18+ girls from Central and Eastern Europe. Most of the girls are slender and range from cute to beautiful - a few are gorgeous. This is not your average porn site - there's no pussy closeups or ass fucking. This site does indeed feature nude girls - and lots of them - in erotic poses and situations, but this is not a site for those looking for penetration or pink. So if you're looking for professional quality pics...
Little Mutt (Overall score: 8.7)
Little Mutt starts off the free tour by letting you know their mission statement; it basically states that "they love women" and not much else. OK so that's nice I guess, they love women and so do I, but what does that have to do with a porn site? Well for a start it means that the site is full of hot young women who are free to explore themselves without a madman trying to face-fuck the girls until they gag! So if you were looking for that type...
Nubiles (Overall score: 8.6) provides a definition of nubile on the site's promotional tour. "1. A girl who has reached sexual maturity, when a girl blossoms into a woman, 2. Sexually mature and attractive. Used of young women". That should make it pretty clear that this is a teen site. Heading the tour page is a picture of my friend and one of my most favorite models and the first model I ever photographed, Celeste. Here she is called Ravon. She is almost worth...
Hegre-Art (Overall score: 8.6)
Hegre Art is an erotic work of style, class and stunning sexuality. This site is the work of award-winning erotic photographer Petter Hegre, who photographs and shoots videos of some of the most beautiful 18 to 23 year old girls on the internet. A glance at the tour of Hegre Art will show you the quality and natural beauty of the girls. There are no pornstars here or pics of overlit and over made-up amateurs - just 4 1/2 years of erotically...
Fast Times at NAU (Overall score: 8.5)
Fast Times at NAU offers us a fantasy university experience. This is the university experience many of us only dreamed of having. The tour has lots of trailers to give the surfer a really good idea of what they are going to find inside. I click on several of the trailers. I am struck by the care that has gone into editing the teaser. There is a cute introductory segment that brands the movie and then a nicely edited teaser that shows the essence...
My Sister's Hot Friend (Overall score: 8.5)
Do you know how many adult sites there are on the Internet and how many new ones come on-line each day? I don't know either, exactly, but I know there are gazillions of them. And they are all fighting for our attention, for some way to stand out amongst the many, always looking for a new angle. Here is a site that has a hook they hope to catch us on. The site is called My Sister's Hot Friend. A lot of us are going to be able to relate to that. I...
Naughty Bookworms (Overall score: 8.5)
The site I am checking out today is called Naughty Bookworms. It is another one of those classroom based porn sites; you know the kind, students fucking their teacher or as in this case, the teacher fucking the student. The site describes itself as being about "Nerds who screw their professors to raise their grade. How far will they go to get that A+?" Well from the looks of the trailers on the site, they go all the way. This is a Naughty...
Exploited Black Teens (Overall score: 8.3)
Several years back I joined a site called exploited teens to see a number of my models that had shot with the guy. It was a site where some chubby dude with a short dick played with girls and then apologized for cumming on their face. Some of the girls were really cute. Unfortunately the site itself quickly became boring. It was always the same guy with the same incredibly irksome banal banter, always doing the same thing in the same order. For...
Teenie Video (Overall score: 8.3)
Teenie Video occupies the number one niche in the Internet sex world. To compete in this sector is an incredible challenge. The site offers "100% exclusive amateur teen videos!" That will help. All the girls on the four-page tour are new faces to me and certainly appear to be genuine teens. The girls look great. There are a dozen trailers that you can view and check out the action to see if this is what you are looking for. I really like that. I...
Exploited Teens (Overall score: 8.1)
Something I see for the first time. On the warning page of Exploited Teens, beside the links to Enter or Leave the site, there is a link to "Blog"! Blogs are the thing now for promoting web-sites but this is the first pay-site I have seen with a blog as part of its promotional tour. There is a weekly update of the blog that corresponds to the weekly update on the site. This site has been around since 2002 and there are blog entries back to its...
Teen Sex Planet (Overall score: 8.0)
The biggest niche on the internet is teen girls and with a name like Teen Sex Planet this site is aptly named for a domain that is going to target this niche. It is a heavy populated niche and the competition is fierce. The operators of the site claim to travel the world using all sorts of schemes to get young women into their hotel rooms to "do the nastiest things we could possible imagine". Hmmm. I like nasty. I wonder what they have in mind....
Innocent High (Overall score: 7.9)
Innocent High is the place that we all wish we went to school. The chicks in the yearbook from this place are banging beauties and there is not a male student, team coach or teacher who is ever left wanting more attention from them than he is already able to get. This site does a fantastic job of immersing you in the fantasy of being an 18 year old student at a real hardcore high.
Teen Hitchhikers (Overall score: 7.8)
When I was a boy my mother used to warn my sister and I not to hitchhike. It was that "don’t take candy from strangers" kind of thinking. Only hitchhiking was even worst because you would be inviting the danger on yourself. Teen Hitchhikers is a great domain name. It is fraught with implied danger. What a risky business if you are an attractive teen-age girl. And clearly what these girls risk is a good fucking. Actually it seems that times...
Only Teen Blowjobs (Overall score: 7.8)
There is a lot of competition in the blowjob category of sites. Only Teen Blowjobs focuses on girls 18 and 19 years of age. They say that they place ads in local papers, scour the web, chat rooms, the mall and local teen clubs for teen girls to "suck our cocks and take facefuls and mouthfuls of hot cum." Well that is exactly what we want to see on a blowjob site and pretty much what other blowjob sites have to offer so it will be interesting to...
Teens for Cash (Overall score: 7.8)
Today, I'm reviewing Teens for Cash. This is a teen hardcore reality site. The gimmick being 2 older guys find a teen girl on the street and toss some money her way, get her back to the apartment, and little by little find the price that will convince her to screw them. Cash, cute girls, and sex with old guys - is there anything more classic in reality porn than that recipe?
Solo Interviews (Overall score: 7.8)
Today, we're checking out Solo Interviews. This is a solo teen girls site; the models interact only with the camera. The premise is girls talking, stripping, and then masturbating - because everybody knows how much guys love to listen to women talk about themselves, right? Luckily there's the nudity.
Just Over 18 Gonzo (Overall score: 7.8)
The tour of Just Over 18 Gonzo gives us a look at some well-lit, professionally-lit porn featuring large pics of pussies being stretched and pounded. What I didn't notice was the type of cuteness or fresh look that I see at most "teen" sites. These girls didn't really look like the 18 and 19 year olds I see on the web or at the local store. They look like horny 21-25 year old europorn chicks who have sucked cock in front of a camera before. And...
18 Years Old (Overall score: 7.8)
Tired of so-called teen sites offering 30 year old pornstars in pigtails? Well, today we're taking a look at a site called 18 Years Old where their saying is "Where 19 is way too fucking old!". What I can tell you is that and girls on the tour are cute, fresh-faced and enthusiastic, and none of them look any older than 21 max. And did I mention that these petite darlings suck cock like streetwalkers and fuck like pros? Sound good? Then join me...
Panties and Fannies (Overall score: 7.7)
The tour of Panties and Fannies shows some cute girls showing off their butts in their tight panties. I'd say most of the girls are between 18 and 23 and they're not only very sexy but they're wearing all sorts of panties - white cotton panties, bikini cut panties, shiny nylon panties, you name it! Since chicks in panties is one of my favorite turn-ons, I can't wait to get inside and see more of Panties and Fannies.
Teens Like It Big (Overall score: 7.6)
Okay, I admit it. The girls on a tour of Teens Like It Big sure aren't your average amateur teens - and some of them are probably in their early 20s. But you know what? They are all sexy and pretty with nice bods and they all look like they're having a really good time sucking and fucking some truly large cocks. Teens Like It Big is a member of the Brazzers network, so even though the site is relatively new, members can access to several updates...
Teeny Bopper Club (Overall score: 7.5)
Young, horny and never on film before - that's the introduction to Teeny Bopper Club. The girls do look cute and young, but as far as never being on film, well, I've definitely seen some of these 18 and 19 year old hotties before including teen pornstars Nikki Hilton and Tyra Banxxx. This site seems to offer a lot for guys who love watching innocent-looking teen girls suck cock, so let's take a look inside and see what Teeny Bopper Club has to...
Pure Cherry Girls (Overall score: 7.5)
When I saw the name Pure Cherry Girls, I assumed I'd be checking out a site with innocent, virginal 18 year olds, but that's not the case. Pure Cherry Girls is a basic teen sex site featuring girls from 18 to 24 or so. I checked out some of the babes from the site. Sexy blonde Eden Adams is certainly not pure or cherry - she's a hot porn regular with a few porn DVDs to her credit. Jasse Monroe has 3 DVDs and Sarah Shine has 5 titles. The girls...
Couples Seduce Teens (Overall score: 7.3)
Couples Seduce Teens is the latest reality site. This site features horny couples on the hunt as they look for teens to fuck. They find them in the park, at the mall or through personal ads. The idea of a cute 18 or 19 year old girl with an older woman and her husband is pretty unique, and judging from the sample videos on the tour, they have done a good job of capturing this fantasy. Let's go inside and take a more in-depth look at Couples...
Sex Toy Teens (Overall score: 7.3)
If horny 18 to 22 year old girls are your thing, and you prefer big high-quality videos, this review is for you. We're taking a look at a site called Sex Toy Teens that features cute girls who love spreading their pussies, fingering them and then pulling out their dildos and vibrators to get themselves off. Even better, you can watch the girls masturbate with the videos on full screen because the vids here are HD (high definition) videos.
Just Legal Babes (Overall score: 7.3)
Just Legal Babes mean the girls are just legal in the sense of barely legal but unfortunately that domain name is already taken by the Penthouse folks. This should mean that all the girls are still in their teens, 18 or 19. Indeed the girls in the trailer do look young and very attractive. Teen is the most hotly contested niche on the sexual side of the internet. There are thousands of "teen" sites. To their credit the girls here would seem to...
Casting Couch Teens (Overall score: 7.1)
The couch. Such a fine piece of furniture really - one that has many, many uses. One excellent use is tricking fresh faced legal teens into auditioning for porn movies by promising them all kinds of fun and good stuff. Casting Couch Teens is such a site and we are gonna check these teens out by clicking on the members link.
Pure 18 (Overall score: 7.1)
Today's review is of Pure 18. This is a teen hardcore site. I'm not teen-purist, as long as they're naked it's all good I say, but (as long as they don't talk too much) I can see why folks find 18-year-old girls more appealing. The tour has a few decent-sized trailers, and promises exclusive weekly updates, hundreds of high quality photos and 30 to 50 minutes of video per episode, and access to 17 bonus sites.
Pimp My Black Teen (Overall score: 7.0)
I recently reviewed another site like this one for another review site. I said in that review that I was impressed with the concept and was surprised that I had not seen it before because it seems like such a natural. The problem I had with the other site was that the pimps were white and that just didn't work for me. As I look through the tour here it looks as though I am not going to have that problem here because I don't see any white folks...
College Fuck Tour (Overall score: 7.0)
My first impression is oh no, not another get the girl in your van and fuck her site. The tour promo text explains the site raison d’etre. "College Fuck Tour is a group of horny guys hunting for fresh college pussies just so they can fuck them in the back of their truck." Ah good it’s a truck not a bus or a van. The interesting thing is that I recognize a couple of the girls as being from Montreal where I have a minor porn profile. I...
Grandpas Fuck Teens (Overall score: 7.0)
This is the second site in a row that I have reviewed with a ridiculously long name, but I guess it is easy to remember and that is the important thing. Now I am not a grandpa myself but age-wise I suppose I could be, so this site has a personal appeal. In this day of the little blue pill more grandpas are able to keep it up even if it is only for the purposes of being able to jerk off to sites like this one. Why should a beautiful young porn...
This Girl Sucks (Overall score: 6.8)
If you're looking for a site with big beautiful HD videos and hot chicks who aren't ready to fuck but who love sucking cock, have I got a site for you! It's called This Girl Sucks, and it has a lot going for it. The girls here range from cute to gorgeous, are slender and love showing off their pink pussies for the camera. Some have tight asses and perky tits while others have nice round butts and a sultry look. But one thing they have in common...
Real Teens Kissing (Overall score: 6.7)
Real Teen Kissing makes me wonder if they are talking about real teens or real kissing. I am going to guess it is the former. Heaven knows we have all seen too many a site claiming to offer teens who are obviously not teens. Real kissing is just too profound a question to want to delve into it any further. The other thing that I am struck by is the site’s claim to have "The web’s hottest teen lesbian action!" Invariably it has been...
Her Freshman Year (Overall score: 6.7)
College is pretty expensive, and sometimes students have to do something a little extra to pay their expenses - books, dorm rent and the rest can really add up. That's where Her Freshman Year comes in. They find girls in their first year of college and offer to help them with the tuition. You guessed it - they pay these amateur babes a generous fee for giving up their sweet college pussies on camera. And since they're at the age to experiment...
Laura Loves Katrina (Overall score: 6.6)
I am not quite sure what to make of this site. It supposedly features two young women Laura and Katrina and the promotional text talks about "my girl girl adventures" and "my first time with a girl". The site seems to be principally a picture site with sets featuring Laura and Katrina, Laura and Violetta, Laura and Emily, Laura and Malvina, Laura and Brooke, Katrina and Malvina. That is what I mean by it is hard to figure this site. It seems to...
Teen Brazil (Overall score: 6.6)
Next up is Teen Brazil. This is a hardcore teen site. Brazil sure has a reputation, huh? You'd think all the women there were sex-starved sluts, a zombie-esque army marching across the beaches looking to fuck anything that moves, and maybe they are, I dunno, but you've got to wonder what the Brazilian government thinks of the rest of the world's opinion of them: wild, cock-crazed, dark-skinned superfreaks. Or maybe they're down with it, and push...
Jurassic Cock (Overall score: 6.6)
Jurassic Cock pairs cute 18 to 23 year old girls with dirty old men with - as the site puts it - dinosaur dicks. The guys seem to range from their mid-50s to their 60s and maybe beyond. And speaking of older men with HUGE cocks, this site features Ron Jeremy in a number of episodes, fucking some innocent-looking 18 and 19 year old teens with tight pink pussies. Looks good to me, so join me for a look at the member area!
I Am Eighteen (Overall score: 6.5)
Teen is the biggest niche on the adult side of the internet and as such it is highly competitive. I Am Eighteen stakes out its territory by offering the youngest teens legally possible. And in an effort to counteract the obvious limited credibility of adult sites the tour emphasizes the photo identification that each of the models holds up to prove not only that they are real teens but that they were 18 at the time of the shoot. Certainly these...
Teens at Work (Overall score: 6.5)
Ever get tired of college girl sites? Want to see how the working class does it? Then check out Teens at Work. These girls have the kind of jobs you might expect - they work in fast food, convenience stores, giving hot wax treatments, and a couple even work at the library. And if there's one thing you can bet, these jobs get boring, so the girls need something to keep them interested. Since this is a porn site, you can bet these teens love sex...
Teenage Whores (Overall score: 6.1)
For fans of 18 and 19 year old girls getting banged, here's a site called Teenage Whores. What really stands out about this site is that the movies are in high definition or HD. For those who want to see wet teen pussies getting pounded full-screen with no issues or blurring HD video is the way to go. And I'm personally a big fan of HD as I love high quality every time. ...
Virgin Teen Lesbians (Overall score: 6.0)
What man doesn't fantasize about watching two college-aged girls as they try lesbian sex for their very first times? This is the theme of Virgin Teen Lesbians, a site where amateur honeys who have a crush on their friends convince them to give girl/girl action a try. There's nothing as sexy as a girl tasting her first pussy, and there's plenty of kissing and licking going on here as well. I'm ready to see these sweeties entwined around each...
Teen Blowjob Auditions (Overall score: 6.0)
Ho Hum, another teen blowjob site is what I find myself thinking as I type the domain name into my browser. Teen Blowjob Auditions comes up and what do you know, there are two Montreal girls I have worked with featured prominently on the tour page. In the left corner we have the cute Patricia Petite. In the right corner we have Pamela. It's so nice to see good Canadian cock-suckers well represented at these auditions. There are twenty girls...
Sleep Creep (Overall score: 6.0)
When I saw that Sleep Creep was scheduled for a review I thought OK I haven't done one of these sites before so this should be interesting. Of course this site does not feature real sleeping girls, that would be illegal, and it is all just role play and fantasy sex. I have never tried to do this kind of thing in real life either... and I wouldn't tell you even if I did! But seriously I think there would be a lot of guys out there who really get...
Ice Cream Bang Bang (Overall score: 6.0)
Ah, the joys of summer. Baseball games, going to the beach and sexy college girls licking ice cream cones. That last one is the focus of Ice Cream Bang Bang, a reality porn site focusing on cute girls wearing very short miniskirts, eating frozen treats and getting it on with the ice cream man. If you're like me, and are always on the lookout for a site with a fresh theme, this one will have already caught your attention. Or perhaps it's just the...
Daddy's Friend (Overall score: 5.7)
Daddy's Friend is an intriguing concept for a fantasy site: Cute and innocent girls who get fucked by their fathers' friends. That's a very hot theme because it hints at the taboo, the forbidden. But tell the truth now - if your best friend had a sexy 18 year old daughter, wouldn't you at least be tempted? Well, that's what this site is all about. So why don't we take a look at the member area and see if Daddy's Friend really fulfills that...
Teen POV Facials (Overall score: 5.0)
I just reviewed a site that is one of the bonus sites for Teen POV Facials. It could have been an ok lesbian site but they billed it as a guys-fingering-girls site. Needless to say, I was not very impressed. So I admit to starting this review in a prejudiced state of mind. The four girls on the front page of the tour, Sandra, Claudia, Haley and Yvonna, are all quite cute and delectable. I have never seen any of the women before so maybe the text...
Cash Strapped Teens (Overall score: 4.3)
Hi! I'm Eddie, and I'll be your reviewer for a site called Cash Strapped Teens. The idea here is to find out what average teen girls will do for a little extra money. How far will they go for quick cash? Will they fuck and suck on camera for some spending money to get them out of a jam? How much or how little dough will it take to get them on all fours with a hard cock in their mouths? Let's go ahead and enter the members’ area of Cash...
Group Teen Casting (Overall score: 4.0)
Here’s something that nobody has ever thought about doing before, advertise for teen to have sex with two guys for the first time. Oh wait, you say that has been done before. Oh, only about a million times? Perhaps this site will have a new take on it. Perhaps the girls will be more beautiful than anywhere else, perhaps the dialogue will be more intelligent and engaging, maybe the shoots will be more imaginative, maybe there will be tons...

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