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Category: Squirting

Real Squirt (Overall score: 7.8)
Have you seen videos of girls cumming in gushers? Have you wondered whether they were fake or real? Female ejaculation, does it exist? I must admit to having been a sceptic. I figured it was just pee or the girl was holding a whole bunch of water in her vagina and thrust it out to get the shot. I have come to believe, from sites like the one I am about to review, that it is real and not just because the site says it is but because I have a...
POV Squirt Alert (Overall score: 7.8)
When I saw the name for this site the first thing that popped into my head was I am not sure I would want to be the cameraman for that shoot. For those few of you not in the know, POV stands for point of view and it describes the shooting of video from the view of the watcher. It gives a feeling of being right in the middle of the action and in this case the action is a gushing geyser of female fluid brought on by an intense orgasm. "See a...
See Her Squirt (Overall score: 7.7)
See Her Squirt is a site packed with exclusive and non exclusive female ejaculation videos. There are some pretty girls, both amateurs and porn babes, who not only fuck and suck - they squirt! The tour shows us horny honeys with squirting pussies as they gush hot sticky juice. If you love watching girls with explosive wet holes, come with us as we check out the member area of See Her Squirt.
Team Squirt (Overall score: 7.3)
If watching girls squirt when they cum turns you on, you'll be happy to know there's a new female ejaculation site in town. Unlike many squirting sites out there, Team Squirt is not just another site full of content bought from DVDs. Team Squirt gets out there, finds real women who squirt when they cum and shoot videos of these women in very wet action. Not only that, this site is brought to you by the same folks who make Milf Hunter and We Live...
Slutty Squirters (Overall score: 7.1)
Up next in the ol' review queue is Slutty Squirters. This is a squirting site, and most of the episodes are hardcore; and this is also an HD site. The tour has a bunch of trailers, both in HD and standard-definition. The site promises hi-def 16x9 videos, thousands of high-resolution photos, weekly updates, and access to 65 bonus sites including 7 more HD sites. Let's see how it stacks up.
Swallow Squirt (Overall score: 7.0)
If you love watching female ejaculation videos, you're in for a treat. This review is of a smaller site called Swallow Squirt, and all the videos are from Elegant Angel. The content here features some hot pornstars and starlets, and is all really good squirting videos including some girl/girl facials - and in a lot of these vids, the action is 2 girls and 1 guy, so some girls even get a facial from a chick AND a dude. I'd say that this site...
Leaking Liquids (Overall score: 6.7)
I find the name of this site to be a real turn off. Leaking Liquids leaves me with an image of incontinent elders, or corpses oozing bodily fluids on an autopsy table. Shaking that image out of my mind the next set of imagery to pop up unbidden is the cream pie phenomenon that I can do without. I am too fastidious for that. When the tour page comes up it is a relief to see that it is a girls’ squirt site, but what an inappropriate name. A...
Squirt Hunter (Overall score: 6.7)
I think I would have chosen different colors for the Squirt Hunter promotional tour. The brilliant yellow frame that surrounds the two headline girls gushing geysers of fluid is too suggestive of urine. I have it on reliable authority that that the stream of liquid shooting from these girls is not urine. My favorite adult star Sunny Lee told me that it is like vaginal fluid only not a creamy. She was featured in another squirt site I reviewed...
Finger Till Cum (Overall score: 5.0)
The first thing that occurs to me is that it is about time that someone created such a site. It was interesting to watch the hand job niche emerge and grow a few years back and at the time I though the female equivalent of that would be a seller; you know, guys masturbating girls. Beyond seeing this type of activity in scores of Japanese movies I have seen very little of that sort of thing with western girls, unless you consider the squirting...

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