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Category: Single model

Sweet Sophie Moone (Overall score: 8.8)
Sophie Moone is a sexy Hungarian pornstar and model with blond hair and a taste for pussy. In fact, most of her DVDs are lesbian movies and it appears she really likes playing with girls. In addition to her porn and modeling careers, Sophie Moone has her own website - Sweet Sophie Moone. It's packed with info about her, her videos and pics, behind the scenes and travel info and her personal diary. One quick look at the member area has already...
Naughty Allie (Overall score: 8.8)
Are you tired of looking at boring, sleepy chicks with their half-assed solo sites littering the porn internet? Horny web amateur Naughty Allie finds her niche in the solo wife niche with an extensive and clean looking tour and promises of lots good porn inside her site. The tour alone takes it to the next level. Let's go on in to the members area and take a closer look.
Hot Wife Rio (Overall score: 8.5)
If you love horny wives, get ready as we take a look at Hot Wife Rio. Rio is a sexy woman in her late 20s or early 30s who loves to fuck and suck her husband and play with herself and her girlfriends on video. To judge by what I see on her tour, Rio loves sex toys, fantasies and role playing. Her site is in its 5th year of hardcore escapades as well as offering personal journal entries that give a peek into her everyday life. So what am I...
Brandi Belle (Overall score: 8.4)
Brandi Belle is a cute brunette teen with her own hardcore website. What is a little different about her is that she's not only a horny girl but adventurous. Her site isn't full of slow stripteases or lingerie pics - Brandi sucks cock, fucks and does some crazy stuff. She fucks the sales guy in a clothing store, gives a blowjob in a car on a public street and does a penis size survey on the streets of south beach. Looks like Brandi is not only...
Alison Angel (Overall score: 8.3)
This is a solo girl site which means the entire site is devoted to one particular girl and gives you greater access to her than large corporate pay sites usually do. The key to a good solo girl site of course is the quality of the girl herself. Alison Angel is a stunning 5'8" tall blonde with a natural 36D-26-36 body. After looking through her photos and videos I am not sure why she decided to make this website instead of getting a mainstream...
Naughty Julie (Overall score: 8.3)
Naughty Julie is a pretty young blond who offers what a lot of solo girl sites I have reviewed recently do not, variety. Julie is indeed naughty. "You can see me getting very naughty: Blowjobs, Orgies, Girl/Girl, Guy/Girl, 3somes, Public Flashing, S&M, Fetishes, Masturbation, Anal, DP, Messy Facials, Toys, Close-ups", she says. The promotional tour is a mirror of what you will find inside so there should be no surprises. I click the link to her...
Young Stacy (Overall score: 8.1)
I have not been impressed generally with the solo girl sites I review, with few exceptions. One that stands out is Christine Young’s site. Another one would have been Sunny Lee’s site if there had ever been one. Why those two girls? They have the innocent girl-next-door look that contrasts so erotically with their sexual adventurousness. Young Stacy has that same innocent look but it is clear as I scan her site that unlike Christine...
Chica's Place (Overall score: 8.1)
Chica's Place is an amateur wife site that revolves around Chica, a cute mexican-irsh amateur. She started off making a few private sex videos with her husband (well, they weren't married yet) and they discovered that they liked it. Next thing ya know, they decided to create a site and the rest - as they say - is history. The first tour page of Chica's Place starts off with a video showing some of the highlights, you might say, including Chica...
Roni's Paradise (Overall score: 8.1)
Today we're taking a look at Roni's Paradise. Roni is a milf with a taste for stockings and hose. She's from Hawaii and has a hot body, exotic looks and great legs. Her pics and videos include pics of her in pantyhose, high heels, stockings plus there's plenty of hardcore as well as pic sets of her friends in action. Something else I like is that Roni does a live cam show for members. She and her husband, Lucky, own and operate her site, so her...
Simpson Twins (Overall score: 8.0)
Now here is something you don't see everyday, a twins' site. The Simpson Twins are two pretty 19 year-old twins who love doing everything together. They love to masturbate together and they love to share their boyfriends and girl friends. And if one set of twins arouses new erotic fantasies within your fevered brain just think about the possibility of two sets of twins. It seems the Simpson Twins, Shaina and Shana are friends with the Milton...
Milton Twins (Overall score: 8.0)
If you enjoy teen sex sites, you're going to double your pleasure with the Milton Twins, Marissa and Melissa. These identical blonde twins are hot, wild and definitely naughty as they pursue sexual fun and fantasies with their guy and gal friends. The tour delivers what it promotes, and that's high quality exclusive videos and galleries of these adventurous twins!
Little Coco (Overall score: 8.0)
Whoa! What's this? Another solo girl site - but guess what? She's a really cute black girl and she has her very own site called Little Coco. This is a rare treat, because black girls are sorely neglected in the solo girl niche. Let's take a closer look at what Little Coco has to offer.
Christine Young (Overall score: 7.8)
Christine Young has got to be one of the cutest teens ever. It's not just how she looks, although she looks great. It's her personality, too. She is probably one of the most playful girls in porn, and she seems to really love what she does. Let's see - a cute teen girl with a great personality... loves sex... does guys and girls... Hey, wait a minute! What am I doing out here looking at the tour? I'm heading to the member area to see more of...
Melissa Doll (Overall score: 7.8)
Melissa Doll is a BrainPass site, the same folks who brought you Christine Young. Christine Young is the best solo girl site I have run across and I say that not just because she is a cutie who lives and works in my town. I say that because her personality came through on her site and she provided lots of variety in her updates. I use the past tense because, sadly, Christine Young no longer appears to be updating her site with new material....
BoobsDonna (Overall score: 7.6)
Boobs Donna is a 22 year old Polish amateur with a girl-next-door face and huge natural breasts. Her tour is very colorful and shows a lot of her topless, as well as doing some fucking and sucking. There's even some pics of her smoking as well as fucking herself with sex toys. She claims on her tour that she's a 36F, and all I can say about that is F must stand for Fucking Fantastic because this girl has some killer tits!
Taylor Bow (Overall score: 7.5)
Taylor Bow is not only the name of this site - it's also the name of the "ex-girlfriend" who stars in the site. As the first "real ex-girlfriend revenge site", Taylor Bow introduces us to Taylor, the girl who broke some guy's heart so badly he decided to get even by putting their private videos online for public enjoyment.
Sweet Amy Lee (Overall score: 7.5)
I have mixed feelings about solo girl sites. Some I have reviewed are really just that, with every shoot featuring the girl for whom the site is named, and her alone. If you are totally in love with the girl that can be fine, I suppose, but I quickly grow tired of seeing the same girl in various states of undress washing her car, showering, wearing different costumes. This site is not like that. The promotional tour makes it clear that Amy Lee...
Dirty Lilly (Overall score: 7.5)
I love amateur girls who start their own sites. There's something about seeing a regular girl with her own site that really turns my crank. Dirty Lilly is an 18 year old college with big bouncy 38DDs that she says she loves to show off. She's from Poland and has dark hair, a cute face and a sultry expression. Her tour has an interesting scrolling feature. It's at the bottom left and right of the yellow area and you can see preview thumbs of all...
Sin Cindy (Overall score: 7.5)
Sin City is the first thing that pops into my head on seeing the name of the site but that is only natural and don’t worry, the site has none of the darkness of that great film beyond the dark hair of the supposedly sinful Cindy who is the central figure and namesake of the site. I recently reviewed one of her sister sites, Young Stacy, a site to which you also gain entry when you join Sin Cindy. I liked the Young Stacy site so my...
Kelly Summer (Overall score: 7.5)
Kelly Summer is a blond hottie from Montreal, Canada. Some time ago she discovered her body and the money and attention that goes along with this particular discovery, and together with her friend Amanda - a photographer - they decided to put that body to use. First starting out with nude art pictures and some movies, then taking the plunge into straight-up hardcore. This chick is killer looking. Hot body, long blonde hair, speaks French, aqua...
Dream Kelly (Overall score: 7.5)
Here we are at Dream Kelly. Kelly is a petite blonde chick who (according to the tour) just turned 18 and started her site a few weeks ago because her friends said that she takes good pictures. Let's click on the members area entrance link and take a closer look...
Club Jessica Jaymes (Overall score: 7.5)
Today's review is of Club Jessica Jaymes. This is the official site of pornstar Jessica Jaymes, and this is a hardcore site focusing on a single model (obviously). But Jessica Jaymes isn't just a pornstar, she's also Hustler's first contract girl, has hosted a reality show on PlayboyTV, and is a former elementary school teacher. The site tour promises weekly updates, a weekly webcam, hi-res videos and photos, and access to 8 other sites, so...
Chloe 18 (Overall score: 7.3)
The single girl reality site niche is big right now with all kinds of chicks coming out of the woodwork and onto the internet. One wonders what makes a girl get naked, play with her girl friends or herself in front of the camera to be shown all over the World Wide Web. Our single girl, Chloe, moved to California from Ohio and on a whim started her site to help fund her college tuition by doing nasty and crazy stuff and taking pictures and videos...
Fantasy Girl Brooke (Overall score: 7.3)
Today's review is of Fantasy Girl Brooke. This is the official site of pornstar Brooke Banner, so this is a solo girl hardcore site. Brooke is a blonde centerfold/glamour model type, and there's lots of her on the tour. Ultimately with this kind of site, your decision about joining the site will have more to do with the star of the site than this review, but I'll review here anyway because you should know what to expect. The tour promises weekly...
Heather Wild (Overall score: 7.1)
Today's review is of This is a single model site. The star of the site, Heather, is a blonde cutie who plays with herself and also does lesbian. The tour has 2 video samples on it, the first claims to be for 56k but it's actually a huge HD video that's nearly 30meg and would take someone on dialup several hours to download, and then their computer likely wouldn't be able to play it anyway because it wouldn't be advanced enough....
Shelby Bell (Overall score: 7.0)
I recently reviewed Sweet Amy Lee, another solo girl site by brought to you by the same people who have this site. I liked Sweet Amy's site. Even though it looks as though she is no longer updating there was a vast amount of material in her archives and Shelby Bell was one of the pretty girls Sweet Amy had on her site. So I am happy to see that she has a site of her own. The site's tour says that it is updated very week. Sweet Amy's site hadn't...
Teen Topanga (Overall score: 7.0)
Teen Topanga is yet another solo girl site. I must have reviewed a good half dozen solo girl sites by now. I generally don’t like them particularly if it is only about the one girl. There is simply not enough variety for me. I can understand the attraction of such sites if the girl happens to be the girl of your dreams. I would never give a poor review to a solo girl site just because I didn’t like the girl. We are all attracted to...
Mandy's Diary (Overall score: 7.0)
Today we're checking out a site about a college girl named Mandy who wanted to be a model. When that didn't work out, she turned to her girlfriends at school. One takes pictures and the other builds websites, and together they decided to build Mandy a site - so the planets align and an internet model is born! Her site is called Mandy's Diary. As far as girls go Mandy is a cute, petite, normal girl who has a playful, bouncy attitude with long...
Summer Time Milf (Overall score: 7.0)
Summer Time Milf is site that is a love story, or I should say a lust story. It documents the summer relationship between a 19 year old student and his Spanish tutor, a sexy slightly older woman named Natalie. The videos are mostly POV and start out with our hero talking to Natalie in an intimate, playful way. One thing leads to another and next thing you know each video ends up with her sucking his cock or the two of them fucking - which is,...
Cute Halle (Overall score: 7.0)
Today's review is of Cute Halle. This is a single model site. On the site, Halle does solo and lesbian scenes. There's a piece of text on the tour that says "group sex", it's vaguely referring to group lesbian sex, not guy-girl hardcore. The tour promises weekly updates, HD video, hi-res photos, and access to 20 other sites, so let's see how it stacks up.
Mandy Michaels (Overall score: 6.8)
Mandy Michaels is an average looking amateur who seems to get a kick out of flaunting her D-cup boobs. She's slender and her only really curvy features are her breasts and her butt - both very nice, btw. Mandy has the look of a sort of low-end stripper or a friendly girl from the trailer park, which can be VERY sexy if you're into girls with that sort of slutty look. Her site says that her pics and videos are offered in "Hi-Definition", which is...
Flower Tucci (Overall score: 6.8)
Flower Tucci is a pornstar who is well known for her beautiful round ass, squirting when she cums and her anal scenes, as well as for having a preference for girls as well as guys. Now, in conjunction with the folks who brought us Milf Hunter and Mike's Apartment, Flower Tucci has started her very own porn website. The tour of Flower's site shows her in action with her girlfriends as they find guys they can fuck and suck. So far, so good. Now...
Pixie's Pillows (Overall score: 6.7)
Pixie's Pillows caught my eye because Pixie is an 18 year old brunette with a very pretty face, rounded voluptuous body, DD tits that are soft and natural and thick dark hair. She's got a nice butt, just a little bit of a tummy and she seems to smile a lot. And of course I already mentioned she has big tits but it seems worth mentioning again. Okay, this is the kind of girl who turns me on so I'm wasting no time - it's off to the member area of...
Paige Hilton (Overall score: 6.7)
Paige Hilton is a slender 18 year old amateur with nice big 34DDs. They are full and look great on her petite shape. She's also got a nice ass. This girl looks very cute in some pics and okay in others, and has a very real amateur look. She seems to love showing off in bikinis. The site doesn't really give a feel of the unique personality of this model but Paige has a look I think is sexy.
Busty Bri (Overall score: 6.6)
Busty Bri is an 18 year old amateur with a cute chubby face and natural 34DDD tits. She seems like the kind of girl you might see almost anywhere. Most of the pics on the tour focus on her chest and her face, which is understandable. Her tour includes some sample photos and a sample MPG video on the Giveaways page. The sample video claims to have "exclusive interview and secret details" but it's really a short clip of Bri taking off her top....
Sweet Leah Luv (Overall score: 6.6)
Today's review is of Sweet Leah Luv. This is a single girl hardcore site. Leah Luv is shown in the tour doing solo, lesbian threesomes, and guy-on-girl. The tour here has a few oddities, the first being the diary entries stop at the beginning of 2007, and the second is that the preview trailers aren't movies at all but several images from that episode set to music. The tour also mentions daily updates and live weekly cam chat, so let's see about...
Cute Angie (Overall score: 6.5)
Cute Angie is cute - she really is. Not only is she cute, bubbly, she's got a hot body and a sexy French accent, as well. Her tour shows us her bio (she's 19 years old, bisexual and 5'3"), a sample from her journal and pics of her with her girlfriends and solo, as well. On the join page, it promises access to a network of sites, DVD quality movies, downloadable content and "exclusive content updated daily". I take most of these with a grain of...
Busty Christy (Overall score: 6.5)
Today's review is on This is a "single girl" site as it focuses on the titular Christy, though a lot of the episodes are her doing the lesbian thing - which doesn't work when the model is alone. The site is chiefly Christy flashing, stripping, and having sex with other girls on camera both indoors and outside.
Blacks in Becky (Overall score: 6.5)
Blacks in Becky features a housewife who loves banging black dudes, and her husband loves to watch her do it while he holds the camera. Becky looks to be around 35 or 40 years old, so this site covers a lot of porn categories - amateur wife sex, interracial, cuckholding and milf. Something that makes this site stand out is that the tour pics show that Becky is really having a blast getting fucked by huge black dicks, and if you read the intro...
Kelli Young (Overall score: 6.4)
Kelli Young is a cute blond 18 year old with a great smile and firm, perky tits. She's the kind of girl I can't wait to see more of. Her site has a professional design but also manages to have a personal feel to it as well as sample pics and videos and a page where she tells a little about herself. So what am I waiting for? I'm off to take a close-up look at Kelli Young!
Kristin's Life (Overall score: 6.4)
Kristin's Life stars Kristin, a blond milf with a great ass, natural tits and a taste for sexual adventure. Her site shows her playing with guys, with girls and often with at least one of each. Kristin's friends and her husband get a kick out of her exploits as she eats pussy, sucks dicks - sometimes more than one at a time - and fucks enthusiastically. Her tour previews a number of episodes from her member area, and also lets us know that...
Annie Berry (Overall score: 6.3)
Annie Berry is a cute sexy 19 year old French Canadian web amateur. Her website,, focuses on Annie and her day to day activities that mostly revolve around masturbation, lesbian sex and straight sex. Whether alone or with others, she certainly isn't afraid of a camera and projects a wholesome amateur teen look. So let's take a peek at Annie Berry and see what she is all about.
Cherry Potter (Overall score: 6.3)
Cherry Potter is a cute 19 year old from Canada who likes to show off and has decided to make an amateur website of her own. She has filmed a bunch of movies and had pictures taken of her doing wild sex acts for the camera with herself and her friends for all of us to see. Let's go ahead and enter the members area of her site and see what she has to show us.
Cumisha Jones (Overall score: 6.3)
Cumisha Jones is a cute legal teen girl who made it into porn with her exotic looks and pretty smile. She is slim but not skinny, speaks good English, has long black hair, has a soft body and supple breasts and performs a variety of both softcore and hardcore acts alike. Her collection of videos and photo shoots are all part of her web site called Cumisha Jones and she looks so good, I can't wait to log in and see more of her!
Tina Blaze (Overall score: 6.3)
Tina Blaze is an average girl-next-door type. She projects a combination of innocence and naughtiness on her tour and you can see her getting naked and playing with her girlfriends. Honestly Tina doesn't look as barely legal as the tour keeps saying she is, and looks around 19 or 20 years old and English, although neither the tour nor the member area is really clear about where she's from. Let's log in now and get an up-close and personal look...
Tia Sweet (Overall score: 6.3)
Long blonde hair, full lips, slender body and a pretty 18 year old face - this describes Tia Sweet perfectly. She's an 18 year old with a website dedicated to her pics and videos and she's the kind of girl that most guys would like to lick up and down like a lollipop. She's a lot hotter than the girls I see on a lot of single model sites and her tour says that members get weekly updates, access to Tia's live cam and forum and direct contact info...
Solo Sydney (Overall score: 6.3)
Our next review is of Solo Sydney. This is a single model teen site. My first impression is this is one of the most awful, busy tours I've ever seen due to terrible, loud colors; tons of text in a myriad of annoying fonts; too many animated blinking graphics; wavy lines; most of the pictures are mishmashed together and hidden under graphic elements; and no vid or pic samples whatsoever... ugh, it's so unbelievably bad, luckily I peeked inside...
All About Ashley (Overall score: 6.0)
Today's review is on All About Ashley. This is a teen solo girl site. Here you have pictures and video of the star of the site, Ashley (or was that obvious?), as she talks about her life and sexual interests, strips, and masturbates.
Stracy Stone (Overall score: 6.0)
I actually had to check my files to see if I had already reviewed this site. The solo girls’ sites from this supplier all look the same. As it turns out I have not, of course, which is why you are reading this. Stracy Stone is a bonus site for two other solo girl sites I have reviewed, one, Kelsey XXX, worst than the other, McKenzie Miles. And while Kelsey XXX is one of the bonus sites you get for joining Stracy Stone, for some reason you...
Naughty Nati (Overall score: 5.9)
Naughty Nati is our next review, and I think it's worth noting that "Nati" is short for "Natalie", which I didn't know until right now. Anyway, this is a single-model site. The tour shows Natalie doing a lot of posing and masturbating, and a little hardcore; they also claim but don't show girl-girl but a quick look inside the site shows otherwise. The site promises weekly updates, videos and pictures, and access to 65 other sites, so let's check...
McKenzie Miles (Overall score: 5.8)
I just recently reviewed a solo site from this same supplier. It was called Kelsey XXX. I gave it one of my lowest ratings. Kelsey XXX membership gives you access to five of her friends. McKenzie Miles is not one of her friends so it is somewhat interesting to note that among the eight friends you get when you join McKenzie Miles is Kelsey. I had to check to see if Kelsey is actually Kelsey XXX and indeed she is but without the XXX which was...
Little April (Overall score: 5.7)
You guessed it, another solo girl site. I don't generally like solo girl sites. I find them boring. Yet each solo girl site has the potential to do really well, as well as a site like Christine Young for example. They have that potential because the content is unique. There is no one else like the girl in the site. If she captures the imagination of enough people then she can do very well. It really depends as much or more on her personality...
Nikki Price (Overall score: 5.7)
Nikki Price is a cute, slender and horny 20 year chick. She's exotic - a mix of Chinese, Latin, Irish among other things. Nikki is bisexual, or perhaps I should just say sexual. She's into sucking cock, jerking guys off and fucking, and she doesn't mind sharing a cock with a girlfriend or making out with another amateur honey. The tour doesn't give any info about updates or mention any bonus content, but the links to the join page says Download...
Vanessa Teen (Overall score: 5.5)
Well Vanessa, welcome to the Internet along with all the other just turned 18 girls that are hoping to make it. But for every Christine Young who breaks out of the pack and achieves notoriety on the net there a probably 1000's of Vanessa's and Veronica's that fall by the way side. Not that that is what I am predicting for you Vanessa. Well yes, actually that is what I am predicting for you. I don't like reviewing solo sites because they are so...
Teen Carolina (Overall score: 5.5)
Teen Carolina is a slender brunette with the European look and small perky tits. The tour of her site has a personal feel as Carolina herself seems to talk to us on the tour, offering us 2 weekly updates and telling us we can chat with her on her forum and write to her at her private email. The pictures and the short video trailer on the site are all solo, and mostly show Carolina stripping or giving us a look at her breasts. But does the member...
Playful Jessica (Overall score: 5.3)
Single girl reality sites are all the hottest thing on the porn-net and today we have the privilege of taking a look at the web site of Playful Jessica. Slim, dark haired, with an average European look, Jessica wants you to take a look at her private collection of pictures and videos. Let's go ahead and enter the members area of Playful Jessica and see for ourselves just what is inside her site.
Brandy DDD (Overall score: 5.3)
The site being reviewed today is Brandy DDD. This is a solo-girl softcore site about Brandy, who as the site title suggests has a natural 36 triple-D bust. Basically, it's her doing photo shoots and video around an apartment while she strips and plays with her naturally large breasts.
Michelle Aston (Overall score: 5.3)
This one is for the goth lovers out there. Today we're taking a look at Michelle Aston. She's pretty unique out there as she is a pierced and beautifully tattooed mature woman who often sports a mohawk and has done a number of milf porn movies. To judge by the tour of her site, Michelle is very intelligent with a background in science who tried to work her way through college as a stripper. She has been a performer in porn movies and has worked...
Kelsey XXX (Overall score: 5.0)
It has been a while since I last reviewed a solo girl site. I have reviewed several over my years as a reviewer but I can’t remember the last time I saw one that I actually liked. I remember a bunch of them that were produced in Eastern Europe where none of the girls spoke English so none of them actually spoke at all making it was very hard to relate to them. That it seems to me is the most important element of a solo girl site. There has...
Knocked Up Nina (Overall score: 4.5)
Now for something completely different for me. I have never seen a pregnant girl site. I am not a big fan of solo girl sites but this is something quite different. The first thing that occurs to me is how long is a site labeled Knocked up Nina going to be around? Do they intend to keep her knocked up? Sure I have seen lots of pregnant naked women on the net. Pregnant-women-fucking is a niche of its own, but a solo girl pregnant site is quite...

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