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Category: Sex parties

In The VIP (Overall score: 8.0)
Did you ever wonder what it's like to go to the hottest clubs and hang with the hottest honeys and maybe even fuck them? Well, come party in the hottest night spots in the country with the crew from In The VIP. New York, Hollywood, New Orleans - it appears that the folks from this site have access to VIP rooms in all the clubs, and that brings out the hottest girlies to do stuff they wouldn't ordinarily do. Let's check it out further and see how...
XXX Porn Parties (Overall score: 7.8)
I have seen these drunken Prague based porn party sites on the net for a few years but have never actually been in one so I am intrigued as to what I might find. The tour suggests that these party orgies take place internationally and feature known porn stars like American, Brian Surewood and Brit, Poppy Morgan. Locations include Miami, LA, Brussels and that other Eastern European hot spot Budapest. The site’s concept is to take average...
Shocking Parties (Overall score: 7.5)
If you've always wanted to be part of a wild party that turns into a sex free-for-all, then Shocking Parties just might be your invitation to see what happens as the drinks get passed around, the music gets louder, and the real fun begins. From backyard pool parties to late night keg parties, you'll enjoy every caress and appreciative glance as the entertainment moves from friendly camaraderie into full hardcore gangbang extravaganzas.
College Wild Parties (Overall score: 7.5)
When you check out the College Wild Parties tour, you may get the impression that college students seem to spend an awful lot of time at parties where they drink plenty of beer, scream and yell a lot and get all the pussy they can. Well, the guys do, the girls drink the bear, scream and yell and suck a lot of cock. Yup, sounds like my college days all right! If seeing 18 - 23 year old girls getting truly wild in front of large groups of drunken...
Hardcore Partying (Overall score: 7.1)
It has not yet been three years since the first orgy party site appeared. It was called Party Hardcore and came out of Prague. I recall being very impressed by the real party feel of it, the numbers of people involved, the beauty of the women. The real party feeling came from the fact that the events were held in real bar with pounding disco-type music in the background. I often wonder how they handle the copyright on the music. I also wondered...
Dancing Bear (Overall score: 7.0)
Dancing Bear - or Tale of the Dancing Bear, to give the full name - is a troup of male strippers who do shows at clubs, sorority houses, offices and residences. They do bachelorette parties, birthday parties or any kind of party where the ladies want to celebrate with some dick. The guys strip, tease the women into a frenzy, and then let them stroke and suck the guys' cocks while the girls cheer each other on. Ever want to see a group of women...
VIP Crew (Overall score: 6.8)
There's a new reality site out called VIP Crew. Judging by the tour the guys at VIP Crew are living the good life for us to watch on video. Mansions, parties, yachts and lots of hot babes in and out of their bikinis - the sample videos make it seem like these guys are living like rock stars with all the booze and pussy they can handle. It's good to see a reality site with a fresh theme, so let's go visit the member area.
Orgy Sex Parties (Overall score: 6.0)
Imagine a huge party - a room filled with horny society people drinking and talking and fucking and sucking all at once. That's the theme of Orgy Sex Parties, a site that promises us some incredible fuck party action once the booze is flowing. The tour promises us weekly updates and shows us videos packed with horny guys and girls who are getting it on with everyone within reach. Get ready and strap yourselves in - we're going inside Orgy Sex...
Nude Beach House (Overall score: 5.3)
Now here is a web site that could have appeal to my fellow denizens of the North. The words "nude" and "beach" go so beautifully together. It is summer as I write this and a particularly hot one so I am just as eager to get on a nude beach as I would be in winter. And I would find that beach particularly alluring if it had as the beaches on this site purport to, "horny, naked beach chicks!" The tour design is enticing. The girls look great...

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