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Category: Sex

Pix and Video (Overall score: 9.0)
What an excellent name for a site, let alone an adult site. It speaks directly to what the net has always meant to me, pix and videos. The first porn on the net was a picture. Bandwidth cost an arm and a leg and your first born. Now the net offers high quality videos and monster-size pix. The quality of the images, both still and moving has improved dramatically in concert with the dramatic drop in the cost of bandwidth. The tour for the site is...
Sluts from Europe (Overall score: 8.6)
Today we're looking at a hardcore site aimed at guys who love those sexy European girls. The site is called Sluts from Europe and as an extra treat it offers its videos in hi-def. You can watch the sample videos on the tour in 4 sizes, and I'm happy to tell you that - unlike some sites - these are the actual sizes and speeds of the videos in the member area. Yes, that means I already peeked. Since I liked what I saw there, I hope you will join...
American Daydreams (Overall score: 8.3)
American Daydreams dedicates itself to making "all your daydreams cum to life!!" The tours features a variety of fantasy shoots such as the visit to the hairdresser; the chick who rear-ends your car and wants to settle the matter privately; the naught nurse with the great beside manner; the French maid who wants to make your bed while you are in it; the girl next door; the girl who wants to rent a room at your place but can't afford the rent;...
Sex Pro Adventures (Overall score: 8.3)
Sex Pro Adventures is another site in the Brazzers’ network and judging from its promotional tour it is going to be another one that features big breasted women who invariably finish the scene they are in with a face full of cum and a cock in their mouth. This is either the fourth of fifth of their sites that I have reviewed. There is a sameness about them that some may find satisfying, particularly if the like huge tits. I unfortunately...
Supreme Hardcore (Overall score: 8.0)
Today's review is of Supreme Hardcore. This is a general hardcore site... I was going to say "this is a general porn site" but that's a bit too generic, eh? The tour makes a huge deal out of their quality being "supreme" and "incredible", "DVD quality", "highest quality online", and "super high resolution videos" - these are some of the boldest claims I've seen for a porn site. What made me laugh though was the huge "SD" in the middle, they...
BrunoB Reloaded (Overall score: 7.8)
If you're a porn fan or surf the web a lot, chances are you've heard of Bruno B. He's a regular French-Canadian guy with a whacky personality who started doing porn and gets to fuck all sorts of Canadian chicks. Now, in BrunoB Reloaded, Bruno B. unleashes the full force of his personality as well as getting his cock sucked by all sorts of horny babes. The video trailer on the tour is hysterical and definitely NOT your average porn. One thing I...
Simple Fucks (Overall score: 7.3)
Simple Fucks offers hardcore sex videos, and in this day when every site has a specialty, a new site that simply has all sorts of fucking and sucking is not easy to find. That's pretty cool if you just want plenty of raw sex and hot chicks taking on big cocks and loads of cum. But what's really special about Simple Fucks is that the videos are in HD. ...
Diary of a Nanny (Overall score: 7.3)
Diary of a Nanny is a Naughty America website. It has been a long time since I have reviewed something belonging to Naughty America but I remember being very impressed with the quality of their work. Nanny’s are the source material of many an individual’s erotic fantasies and various "coming of age" movies so it would seem to be a natural for an adult website, and if anyone can pull it off, it should be Naughty America. There are 11...
I Have a Wife (Overall score: 7.3)
There are plenty of wife sex sites, but I Have a Wife actually focuses on husbands, and on horny babes who love to fuck married men. Maybe they like the idea of doing another woman's man, maybe they figure these guys must know the ropes since they're married. Whatever the reason, this reality site focuses on chicks who find happily married husbands and convince them to put out. This site is part of the Naughty America network, which is a...
Adult Associate (Overall score: 7.0)
Adult Associate is an intriguing name for a porn web site. What the hell could it mean? Ron Jeremy sits atop the standard and way too common reality style tour page. Can’t webmasters find a new way of depicting their sites? Scrolling down the page past contender number 1 and contender number 2, I am still not clear on what this site is about until I hit the headline "Ron Jeremy’s Quest for an Adult Apprentice". Ha! So this is the...
Hardcore Fiesta (Overall score: 6.5)
Hardcore Fiesta is a hardcore site from the Pornstar Network that features some of their own models plus other chicks who fuck, suck cock, lick pussy and all that good stuff. This site doesn't have a theme or niche and it doesn't pick up women on the street - these are movies that get right to the sex. And isn't that really what porn sites should be all about?
Hostile Fucking (Overall score: 6.3)
Hostile Fucking is all about grudge fucking, which means rough sex - slapping, gagging, aggressive pussy and mouth fucking. This isn't precisely an extreme site, although it has a lot of the trimmings. Yes, there's slapping, face squeezing and hair pulling, but this site is primarily about people having sex to get even or as a power play. The tour doesn't make a lot of claims - non, really - so I'm heading off to the member area to get a better...
Angel 2 Slut (Overall score: 5.7)
At Angel 2 Slut they take girls who think they are walking into a photo shoot and “rip thier (sic) fucking clothes off.” Yawn, this is another "lets-fool-the-girl into-thinking-this-a-photo-shoot" site. Except on this site there are no girls, just "bitches" and "sluts" and "whores". "Every girl is whore deep inside; we just bring it out." the site proclaims. The cookie cutter reality tour has two pages depicting 6 scenes from the...
Penetration Tease (Overall score: 5.7)
I love the idea of this site. Penetration Tease is devoted to the tease aspect of seduction. Those of us who have lived a bit often come to the realization that the journey is more important that the destination. Too many of us are preoccupied with the end result, getting there. We forget to experience the pleasures and the adventures of the journey. I think this too is so applicable to our sexual experiences, particularly with us guys. We...
Hardcore Sweethearts (Overall score: 5.0)
Up next for review is Hardcore Sweethearts. This is teen hardcore site. The site claims a lot of "first time" and "cherry popped" stuff, but the action is pretty standard porn fare really. The tour doesn't make any promises about the site itself, but does mention access to 4,000 bonus DVDs and 20 bonus sites.

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