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Category: Panties

Panties and Fannies (Overall score: 7.7)
The tour of Panties and Fannies shows some cute girls showing off their butts in their tight panties. I'd say most of the girls are between 18 and 23 and they're not only very sexy but they're wearing all sorts of panties - white cotton panties, bikini cut panties, shiny nylon panties, you name it! Since chicks in panties is one of my favorite turn-ons, I can't wait to get inside and see more of Panties and Fannies.
Milf Thong Hunters (Overall score: 7.2)
Is there anyone who doesn’t know that MILF means Mothers I’d Like to Fuck? Well now you know. MILF sites are a big niche on the net so it is always interesting to see how a site in such a saturated niche tries to differentiate itself. This one sure got my attention. I love panties and thongs are amongst my favorites. The premise for this site is college guys interviewing women for their preference in panties. Of course because this...
Whale Tail'n (Overall score: 6.0)
Today's review is of Whale Tail'n. This is a hardcore thong site. The hook here is cute girls with their thong underwear exposed having sex. I never really thought that expression was any good - ok, thong underwear sorta looks like a whale's tail when it's poking out a girl's jeans - but all I can ever think of when I hear whale tailing is "fatass ahoy!" which isn't what the person saying it intended - usually he's pointing out a hot chick with...
Sock Sorority (Overall score: 5.0)
If you're a guy who loves seeing cute 18 and 19 year old girls wearing socks, you know there's not a lot of sites around that cater to this particular taste. Luckily today we've found Sock Sorority! The tour here is in light colors and shows some very cute girls in lingerie showing off their socked feet. While most of the girls are wearing knee socks, and I don't see any sweat socks or typical cotton bobby socks, it's still nice to see something...

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