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Category: Latin

Oye Loca (Overall score: 8.8)
Oye Loca apparently means Yo Crazy Girl. This is a site featuring Latina girls which to me are generally unrecognizable as Latina save for the text identifying them as such. I have a thing for brunettes and they seem to predominate here. The site is constructed around some guy name T-bone and his buddy. He makes it his mission to cruise Miami in an effort "to find every crazy Latina we possibly can, pick them up right on the street, and give...
8th Street Latinas (Overall score: 8.3)
The tour of 8th Street Latinas is a reality tour. This means that we get to see the real Latin girls who we'll find inside the tour. There are several pics of each girl, and on the first page there are also sample videos. 8th Street Latinas has 20 pages of girls who appear in the member area - that means you get to see 100 of them, and that's a good thing. Knowing what so many of the girls look like certainly makes it easier to decide if you...
Chica's Place (Overall score: 8.1)
Chica's Place is an amateur wife site that revolves around Chica, a cute mexican-irsh amateur. She started off making a few private sex videos with her husband (well, they weren't married yet) and they discovered that they liked it. Next thing ya know, they decided to create a site and the rest - as they say - is history. The first tour page of Chica's Place starts off with a video showing some of the highlights, you might say, including Chica...
Mike in Brazil (Overall score: 8.0)
Mike in Brazil goes to Brazil to find the horniest big butt Latin honeys he can find. The girls on the tour got my attention as they have huge round booties, sweet brown skin and the sample pics show them fucking like crazy. They look like real amateurs and the sample pics and videos show some awesome butt jiggling and hardcore sex. So what are we waiting for? Let's see what the members' area has in store for us.
Black Dicks Latin Chicks (Overall score: 8.0)
I like Latin women. I like the dark hair and bronze skin. I like the image of the girl from Ipanema walking by, wiggly the tight tanned cheeks of her butt, accentuated by the neon pastel of her thong. Aaaaaaaaaaaahh. The tour for Black Dicks and Latin Chicks has a sun-tanning lotion look to it for me. The girls look like they just came from the beach. I can almost smell the Copper Tone. The site offers women from Venezuela, Porto Rico, Mexico,...
Mexxxicunts (Overall score: 7.8)
Mexxxicunts is a Latina site that - as you've probably guessed - seems to specialize in chicks from Mexico. And I must say that the girls on the tour are some of the hottest babes I've seen on Latin porn sites so far. These are no scanks or amateurs; these are sexy good-looking Latina honeys who obviously know their way around a cock. Ready for more? Join me as a take a look at the member area of Mexxxicunts!
My Naughty Latin Maid (Overall score: 7.5)
I've had a few housekeepers over the years but none have looked like the sexy Latina chicks I see on the tour of My Naughty Latin Maid. That's a good thing for guys who like attractive Latina amateurs - and there are plenty of them here. I don't see any pics on page 1 of the tour of the girls doing cleaning work but what the heck - beautiful Latin chicks getting boned is good enough to make me want to take a closer look so let's go inside the...
Horny Spanish Flies (Overall score: 7.5)
Horny Spanish Flies is a site dedicated to latinas who love cock. There are some very sexy chicas on the tour who got my attention - in particular Eva raised my temperature. The tour is a basic reality tour showing thumbs from each model's shoot and telling us about the girl and the sex. I'm a sucker for reality sites, and latin woman drive me wild, so I'm heading off to check out the member area.
Latin Adultery (Overall score: 7.5)
Latin Adultery is a reality site dedicated to showing us the adventures of cheating latina wives. The wives on the tour look very sexy and I found the plots worked well for the site. A married latin woman who fucks her husband's best friend. Or how about a desperate latina housewife who decides she wants to work out with her personal trainer more personally? Sounds good to me, and I also like the other sites in the Naughty America network, so...
I Want Latina (Overall score: 7.5)
Here's a site that was thrown my way - a Latina site that has promises of hot Latin women getting fucked silly by horny guys. The title of this site is I Want Latina. OK, I want Latina, too. Let's check it out.
Adult Rio (Overall score: 7.5)
Adult Rio offers plenty of "tight and sexy butts from Brazil", and the girls on the tour are each previewed with a pic of the model's face, ass, pussy and tits, but there are no hardcore pics. These are some hot Latinas who seem willing to do anything for a camera, judging by their pics. The tour also promises us "Exclusive babes in never seen videos" and 8 bonus sites and, but there is no mention of update schedule, so your intrepid reviewer...
Brazil Bang (Overall score: 7.4)
Today we're taking a look at a site called Brazil Bang that claims each of their videos feature 6 Brazilian hotties. I love Brazilian babes - they are so hot! Those big round asses, beautiful brown skin, their almost total lack of inhibitions. The girls on the tour are just the kind of amateur Latinas I like to watch get fucked, so what are we waiting for? I'm going to log into the member area and tell you all about what I find inside Brazil...
Pussy Pinata (Overall score: 7.3)
The first thing that pops into my head when I think of Pussy Pinata is some kind of BDSM site devoted to pussy torture. I have an image of pussies being beaten, not necessarily by blindfolded people with sticks. Anyway I can reassure you that that is not the theme of Pussy Pinata, although I think it would be an appropriate theme to go with the name. Here the emphasis, judging from the tour, is on Latin pussy and I guess the Piñata they...
Working Latinas (Overall score: 7.3)
I admit it. I love Latin chicks, but I'm tired of Latina porn sites that show every Latin chick as being either someone's maid or else an illegal immigrant. That's one of the reasons that I liked Working Latinas. This site shows hot Latin girls who work as manicurists, bartenders, customer service reps - you name it. Every one of them is ready for a little sexual adventure, and that's why they're on this site: they can't wait to have sex with a...
Latina Abuse (Overall score: 7.0)
Latina Abuse is an extreme porn site. The girls are all cute amateur Latinas and they are subjected to rough treatment, name calling and all sorts of things you can bet they never did with their boyfriends. If watching sweet Latin girls as they get cock-slapped, throat fucked, fish hooked, banged HARD and generally humiliated before they are treated like cum-bags and covered with jizz turns you on, Latina Abuse has you covered. This is...
Argentina Love (Overall score: 6.9)
Argentina Love says they are the only site bringing us 100% exclusive Argentinian girls. The tour looks pretty hot, and there are 3 girls being shown who look Latina and highly fuckable - definitely girls you'd love to see in a porn movie. On the join page we find the following promises: hours of hot Argentinian teen movies and girls we won't find anywhere else, high resolution pictures and weekly updates. I'm not convinced that all the girls on...
Phat Booty Brazil (Overall score: 6.7)
Today we're going to check out a site dedicated to assmen who also love Latinas. The site is called Phat Booty Brazil and the tour tells us to expect Brazilian girls with big round butts getting busy in HD videos. Judging by what I see on the tour, it looks like those sexy Latin chicks are getting fucked in those big asses, too. So hold onto your seats as we log in and take an up-close look at Phat Booty Brazil.
Teen Brazil (Overall score: 6.6)
Next up is Teen Brazil. This is a hardcore teen site. Brazil sure has a reputation, huh? You'd think all the women there were sex-starved sluts, a zombie-esque army marching across the beaches looking to fuck anything that moves, and maybe they are, I dunno, but you've got to wonder what the Brazilian government thinks of the rest of the world's opinion of them: wild, cock-crazed, dark-skinned superfreaks. Or maybe they're down with it, and push...
The Taste of Brazilian Ass (Overall score: 6.5)
Whether you're a Latina lover or like anal sex, The Taste of Brazilian Ass has something to offer you as this site is all about sexy Brazilian babes who suck cock, get banged and then get their asses pounded on camera. The chicks on the tour are slender and sexy with shaved pussies and ripe, round butts just perfect for slamming a dick into so I'm going to log in and take a closer look so we can see what The Taste of Brazilian Ass has to offer.
Brazil Booty Bangers (Overall score: 6.5)
This site review is of Brazil Booty Bangers. This is a "reality" hardcore site where they get normal girls from the area to fuck them, at some point in the ass. It's not a particularly challenging theme, most hardcore goes to ass-town these days, but at the very least it does help fill the internet's quota of porno sites - maybe someday that quota will finally be topped out.
Latina Caliente (Overall score: 4.8)
When I first started looking at this site’s tour I thought to myself – finally, here comes a super hot mother-load of Latina models served up nice and spicy just the way I like them. Unfortunately, after taking the time to look around the site it became more and more clear that this was without a doubt Hispanic smut of only the mild and sporadic variety.
Black with Latin (Overall score: 4.0)
I guess if there is a bunch of people out there in porn-viewing land that crave black and latin sex; this site might be a considered destination. To me it looks just like another black cocks in white chicks site. There are seven blurry video capture images of the type of Latin girls the site offers. I am not impressed and I have a suspicion these girls are the only ones I am likely to see on the site. All the girls are being fucked by the same...

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