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Category: Hi-def

In Focus Girls (Overall score: 9.2)
In Focus Girls is a site that features truly beautiful 18 to 22 year old girls in very high quality pics and videos. In fact this site is one of the few at this time that feature HD (High Definition) videos, which are much bigger and better quality than most videos on the web. The tour features a sample video that blew me away - because of the quality of the models, the lighting and the video quality itself! This is one site that made me want to...
Fuck My Melons (Overall score: 9.0)
Today we're reviewing a tit fucking site called Fuck My Melons. The first thing I noticed about the tour of Fuck My Melons is that there are a lot of busty girls on the first tour page. Each sample pic shows the model's tits (some getting fucked) and also includes info about that girl's content - how long the video is, how many pics there are and the date each girl was added to the site. I did take a quick peek inside the member area and yes -...
Sluts from Europe (Overall score: 8.6)
Today we're looking at a hardcore site aimed at guys who love those sexy European girls. The site is called Sluts from Europe and as an extra treat it offers its videos in hi-def. You can watch the sample videos on the tour in 4 sizes, and I'm happy to tell you that - unlike some sites - these are the actual sizes and speeds of the videos in the member area. Yes, that means I already peeked. Since I liked what I saw there, I hope you will join...
Sleazy Matures (Overall score: 8.4)
Sleazy Matures specializes in sexy older babes who appear between 35 to 45 years old. There are no grannies here, no frumpy housewives and no teens - just horny experienced women who look like they just can't get enough dick. Something that stood out is the trailer is available in 4 qualities, and the highest quality is HD. I'm a sucker for quality so that did it for me - I'm logging in to see mature pussy getting banged in hopefully high...
In the Crack (Overall score: 8.3)
In the Crack has some real hotties on their tour. They range from cute to gorgeous, and are all slender, shapely and - judging by what I see on the tour - these girls get nasty. In addition to several sample vids, there are also 22 full sized very good quality sample pics featuring plenty of pussy, some incredible ass close-ups. Something else I like about the tour is that by clicking the Models link on the top of the page, you can preview every...
Young Stacy (Overall score: 8.1)
I have not been impressed generally with the solo girl sites I review, with few exceptions. One that stands out is Christine Young’s site. Another one would have been Sunny Lee’s site if there had ever been one. Why those two girls? They have the innocent girl-next-door look that contrasts so erotically with their sexual adventurousness. Young Stacy has that same innocent look but it is clear as I scan her site that unlike Christine...
Public Disgrace (Overall score: 8.1)
Public Disgrace takes beautiful women, puts them in bondage in public places and humiliates, punishes and stuffs them with cock where anyone might see. These girls all have a fantasy of being exposed and used right there on the streets, and the reality is very intense. Sometimes they are forced to take on multiple men or fucked in the ass on a bus or in an alley or anywhere. The tour offers detailed previews of each of the member area episodes,...
Absolute Vids (Overall score: 8.0)
Absolute Vids is a hardcore site offering real HD (that's high definition) videos including some very nice sized video trailers on the tour. There's a variety of action going on here from good old fucking and sucking to group sex to lesbian strap-on foursomes. The performers seem to be Euro chicks, and some of the girls here range from porn regulars to low-end pornstars. After watching a few of the video samples, I'm ready to see more. So...
Dominated Girls (Overall score: 8.0)
Wow! The tour looks enticing. A woman bound and suspended with an erect cock in her mouth is not something you see very often on the net. This is not a site either. is without a doubt the leaders in pairing sex and BDSM activities. This was thought to be a no-no just a short few years ago when a list circulated amongst webmasters with the 10 things you can't show on the web; the porn version of the late George Carlin's rant on...
Mighty Mistress (Overall score: 8.0)
I am blown away by the tour for Mighty Mistress. I would give the tour a higher rating than many full sites I have reviewed. There are 12 huge trailers and by huge I mean they are large in dimension as well as duration. This review will be superfluous once you have visited the tour and checked out the trailers for yourself. You will find beautiful women tightly and skillfully bound in artistic and imaginative displays. They are beaten and...
Ebony Addiction (Overall score: 7.8)
I am confused by the promotional tour for Ebony Addiction. The site boasts "all ebony videos" which gives the impression that this is a black site and many of the images and videos in the tour would support that thesis. It's the others that make you wonder about what the site is really trying to be because they depict inter-racial sex between blacks and white and it is not just the clich?d black guys on white girls, it is also white guys on...
Ass Gonzo (Overall score: 7.8)
The tour of Ass Gonzo features some very hot chicks getting banged in the ass by some pretty big cocks. There's also plenty of dick sucking, pussy fucking, anal dildo penetration, and more hardcore fun. The tour pics are big and clear, there are some hot downloadable video trailers and there are some interesting promises on the join page. These include HD movies, WMV and Flash format movies, new movies added daily and exclusive content. I really...
Lesbian Gonzo (Overall score: 7.8)
I love great big beautiful HD videos and girls eating pussy. And that is why I like Lesbian Gonzo, a site that features high def porn videos of hot chicks who lick and finger each other and enjoy plenty of girl/girl dildo play! And there's plenty of lesbian group sex here featuring threesomes and foursomes. As you can probably tell, I've already peeked at the member area, but I will briefly tell you that the tour offers exclusive downloadable HD...
Just Over 18 Gonzo (Overall score: 7.8)
The tour of Just Over 18 Gonzo gives us a look at some well-lit, professionally-lit porn featuring large pics of pussies being stretched and pounded. What I didn't notice was the type of cuteness or fresh look that I see at most "teen" sites. These girls didn't really look like the 18 and 19 year olds I see on the web or at the local store. They look like horny 21-25 year old europorn chicks who have sucked cock in front of a camera before. And...
Rookie Swingers (Overall score: 7.8)
If you're into swinging couples, here's a review just for you. The site is called Rookie Swingers and the action is husbands and wives who decide to spice up their sex lives by getting together with other couples. This isn't just a wife-swapping site because the couples do their switching in the same room, often on the same couch or bed, and sometimes the wives get together and play a bit. And I must say that it seems that the wives and their...
Oriental Orgy (Overall score: 7.3)
Oriental Orgy is born from a new breed of adult websites that rely as heavily on the advancement of internet technologies as they do on the beauty of the female performers they feature. The site offers full video in stunning widescreen 1280x720 resolution! If you do not know what those numbers mean exactly, I strongly suggest you visit the site and download the HD trailer to your PC. Make sure your computer monitor is set to 1280x720 and watch...
Simple Fucks (Overall score: 7.3)
Simple Fucks offers hardcore sex videos, and in this day when every site has a specialty, a new site that simply has all sorts of fucking and sucking is not easy to find. That's pretty cool if you just want plenty of raw sex and hot chicks taking on big cocks and loads of cum. But what's really special about Simple Fucks is that the videos are in HD. ...
Sex Toy Teens (Overall score: 7.3)
If horny 18 to 22 year old girls are your thing, and you prefer big high-quality videos, this review is for you. We're taking a look at a site called Sex Toy Teens that features cute girls who love spreading their pussies, fingering them and then pulling out their dildos and vibrators to get themselves off. Even better, you can watch the girls masturbate with the videos on full screen because the vids here are HD (high definition) videos.
DP Newbies (Overall score: 7.3)
Okay, porn fans - here I am back at ya with another HD site, and you know how I love my HD videos! This site is called DP Newbies, and it features great big beautiful quality high definition movies and girls who take cocks in their asses and their pussies at one time. So we're talking about the good stuff - down and dirty smut and true DVD quality movies, which is a good combination. Okay, the theme of the site is DP Newbies, but these girls...
Slutty Squirters (Overall score: 7.1)
Up next in the ol' review queue is Slutty Squirters. This is a squirting site, and most of the episodes are hardcore; and this is also an HD site. The tour has a bunch of trailers, both in HD and standard-definition. The site promises hi-def 16x9 videos, thousands of high-resolution photos, weekly updates, and access to 65 bonus sites including 7 more HD sites. Let's see how it stacks up.
Anal Hell (Overall score: 7.0)
If you love watching anal sex videos but you're tired of small, low quality videos, read on! Today we're checking out a new site called Anal Hell and what stands out about Anal Hell is the true high definition (HD) videos. HD videos are bigger and better quality than any standard video and while there are only a handful of sites at this time that offer them, Anal Hell is one of 8 HD sites just launched by the Silver Sinema Network and after...
Busty Solos (Overall score: 7.0)
Busty Solos features some hot and sexy babes with huge soft boobs playing with their tits and pussies but that's not what's special about this site... Busty Solos is one of the first HD - that's High Definition - sites around and the videos and even the pages are bigger than you'll find on most porn sites. There is a sample video on the tour that you can watch in either standard or HD. Do yourself a favor - if you're not on slow broadband, watch...
New Solos (Overall score: 7.0)
The site reviewed here is New Solos. The site's theme is solo girl action with HD (high definition) videos. Each update is a new model doing the solo thing. I'm not exactly sure what makes these solos any newer than any other, but when have site titles made much sense anyway? The main feature here is seeing the girls in HD quality.
Cute Halle (Overall score: 7.0)
Today's review is of Cute Halle. This is a single model site. On the site, Halle does solo and lesbian scenes. There's a piece of text on the tour that says "group sex", it's vaguely referring to group lesbian sex, not guy-girl hardcore. The tour promises weekly updates, HD video, hi-res photos, and access to 20 other sites, so let's see how it stacks up.
Handjob Newbie (Overall score: 6.8)
Handjob Newbie is a site with a premise that's fun but hard to believe - "First time handjob girls". Umm... yeah, right. Models who are willing to appear on porn sites who have never stroked a single cock in their lives? I'm not buying it, but who cares? The site features pretty hot porn chicks jerking guys off. Personally I don't care if this is their first handjob or their five hundredth as long as they wrap their fingers around these schlongs...
Swallow Newbies (Overall score: 6.8)
What guy doesn't love watching a girl swallow a load of cum? Well, Swallow Newbies is about exactly that - horny chicks who suck and fuck, then get their mouths filled with jizz and drink it down. Are these girls really new to cum drinking? Well, you never know - some of them may never have tried chugging hot semen before, but these girls seem to know their way around a cock. But whether it's their first time or not, these babes definitely get...
Deep Throat Newbies (Overall score: 6.6)
Deep Throat Newbies isn't so much a deepthroat site as it is a throat fucking site. There are guys pushing girls' heads down hard to shove their cocks till they hit the back of the throats. There's also plenty of fishhooking and some episodes where the chicks take on 2 dicks at once. I'd consider this a fairly extreme site, although I've certainly seen more extreme. One other thing that might be worth mentioning is that although the makeup and...
Lucky Lesbians (Overall score: 6.5)
The thing that really jumps out at you when you first come upon the Lucky Lesbians tour is the emphasis on high definition video. This is the very first site that I have seen that claims to be a high definition video site. Sure I have seen high definition videos on other sites. This is my first site that could be described as a high definition site. The site offers exclusive Hi-Definition format videos and as a participant of the Silver Sinema...
Teenage Whores (Overall score: 6.1)
For fans of 18 and 19 year old girls getting banged, here's a site called Teenage Whores. What really stands out about this site is that the movies are in high definition or HD. For those who want to see wet teen pussies getting pounded full-screen with no issues or blurring HD video is the way to go. And I'm personally a big fan of HD as I love high quality every time. ...

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