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Category: Group sex

Europe Hotties (Overall score: 8.1)
The full name of this site is Pierre Woodman presents Europe Hotties. Those of you familiar with the Internet porn scene will recognize the name Pierre Woodman. He enjoyed a long relationship with Hustler, shooting videos and pictures. His videos are available as part of the Hustler Plug-ins that are so commonly a part of the bonus material on many adult sites. I must confess I have always found his films highly erotic but have been frustrated...
Euro Sex Parties (Overall score: 8.0)
If you've ever had a fantasy about traveling around Europe fucking girls with sexy accents in each country, have I got a site for you! The guys in Euro Sex Parties actually do fly around Europe, meeting and fucking all the girls they can. The tour shows us that the girls they find are friendly, willing and eager to suck some dick. Sound good? I think so. Let's go take an in-depth look inside Euro Sex Parties.
Black Gang White Bang (Overall score: 8.0)
I don’t like the look of the tour. Usually the design is something that I don’t really pay attention to unless it is unusually attractive or in this case unattractive. I think it is the combination of colours (blue and yellow), the faded images of the banner or its general overly busy look. That aside, as you descend the page, the models depicted look yummy. The reason the pictures do not look that crisp is that they are video...
Fuck Team Five (Overall score: 7.8)
Imagine this - a regular guy hanging out with his buddies is approached by some very hot girls. They're wild, they're horny, they try and get one or more of the guys to get wild with them. They take him back to their place where everyone gets naked and they have their way with him. Now imagine the girls are pornstars and porn actresses who know exactly what to do to get any guy hard. Get the picture? Fuck Team Five has their chicks go out each...
Sperm Cocktail (Overall score: 7.7)
If you have a fetish for watching beautiful babes ingest massive wads of freshly shot spunk then Sperm Cocktail might just be the website that satisfies you cum filled fantasies. At this extremely hardcore site tons of horny chicks are shown taking on entire groups of guys at the same time. These filthy girls get totally violated and are showing just how much a slut can truly crave cum. Sperm Cocktail is totally raw and these nymphos are even...
Her First Anal Sex (Overall score: 7.5)
Her First Anal Sex is a site full of sluts losing their anal cherries as they get a cock in the ass for the very first time. This tour makes no claims but shows us some of the girls who start out getting a regular fuck and end up getting an anal pounding. The site doesn't tell us how often it updates, although each girl is introduced as "This week's anal virgin". You know what I hate? Sites that have sample videos that play at better quality...
Brazil Bang (Overall score: 7.4)
Today we're taking a look at a site called Brazil Bang that claims each of their videos feature 6 Brazilian hotties. I love Brazilian babes - they are so hot! Those big round asses, beautiful brown skin, their almost total lack of inhibitions. The girls on the tour are just the kind of amateur Latinas I like to watch get fucked, so what are we waiting for? I'm going to log into the member area and tell you all about what I find inside Brazil...
Bubble Butt Orgy (Overall score: 7.4)
The name Bubble Butt Orgy might be a little misleading for a site that just focuses on black babes but then again all of these hotties seem to have rather juicy buns. The tour makes it clear that this page is focused on thick brown ass being violated in naughty group sex sessions. Every orgy event has a line up of ebony cuties and a gang of eager dudes that are well equipped for penetrating these over sized asses. Bubble Butt Orgy brings...
Mother Daughter Fuck (Overall score: 7.4)
The site operators must be fearful of what we might surmise from its name, Mother Daughter Fuck. On the front page of the tour they announce. "Mother and Daughter DO NOT participate in Incest!" Well that would have been something really different. As it is the thought of mother daughter incest never entered my head. No, really! But I was thinking a site that had moms and daughters fucking the same dudes now that would be different. And that is...
Gang Bang Squad (Overall score: 7.3)
Here's a review of Gang Bang Squad. The site's title should clue you in, it has videos and pictures of gals getting picked up off the street and doing a gang bang with 3 or 4 guys at their place. The outside of the site and the inside are both pretty straightforward really. So let's get to the review.
Cover My Face (Overall score: 7.2)
My first thought is this is just what the world needs, another facial cum shot site. Clearly we are enthralled by the sight of women drenched in our cum if one is to judge by the number of facial sites that exist and the number of times that a porno flick ends with the guy ejaculating all over the woman's face. This site offers that and much more. The first page of the tour features Missy Munroe showered with the cum of twenty-nine guys. There...
Girly Gang Bang (Overall score: 7.1)
Christine Young, Melissa Doll, Cherry Potter, Sweet Amylee - what do these girls all have in common? If you guessed they're all cute teens who star in their own websites, you're right. But they are also all starring in a site called Girly Gang Bang, the first all-girl group sex site online. There are also more girls from the Pornstar Network licking each others' pussies and sliding dildos into each others cunts. Kream and Yumi Lee are also...
Hardcore Partying (Overall score: 7.1)
It has not yet been three years since the first orgy party site appeared. It was called Party Hardcore and came out of Prague. I recall being very impressed by the real party feel of it, the numbers of people involved, the beauty of the women. The real party feeling came from the fact that the events were held in real bar with pounding disco-type music in the background. I often wonder how they handle the copyright on the music. I also wondered...
Cumshot Surprise (Overall score: 7.1)
If you love watching babes drenched by cum - I'm talking literally dripping with cum - Cumshot Surprise the biggest, wettest messiest cumshots around. The tour shows cocks exploding with massive loads of jizz all over hot porn chicks, in their open mouths, on their faces, tits and pussies. There are two or more girls in each preview on the tour. The site offers exclusive downloadable content plus access to the Porn Pros Network, which features...
Bang Boat (Overall score: 7.0)
Ah... the open sea, the smell of salt in the air, the cry of gulls above, ocean breeze blowing over your bare balls. You can only be one place, the Bang Boat. This site will appeal to the sex outside crowd. It's a natural. Hot sunny days, young pretty women in teeny weeny bikinis; it gets the blood flowing to all the erotic body parts. You can almost smell the coconut oil glistening off the warmed up bodies of the sexy nymphets this site...
Bang Me Boys (Overall score: 6.5)
Bang Me Boys features girls in gangbangs taking on 5 or 6 cocks at once. The tour shows some horny chicks who just can't get enough - they take on 5 cocks and suck and fuck every one of them! And of course, these girls also get covered in 5 (or 6) loads of cum. If this is the kind of action you like to see, why not join me for a closer look at Bang Me Boys!
The Lucky Man (Overall score: 6.4)
Today we're taking a look at a site called The Lucky Man. Actually there is more than one man on the site but what makes them so lucky? Well, each of these guys gets to live out a fantasy that so many men have - these guys each take on 5 or 6 horny babes! We're talking one hard cock, 5 wet pussies and tight asses. Sound good? Let's take a look inside the member area and see just how lucky the guys are at The Lucky Man!
My Sex Tour (Overall score: 6.3)
I love to travel. I have seen much of the world, Europe, India, Africa, Australia, etc. Thus the idea of a sex tour is appealing cause I certainly didn't have much sex on my tours. Now this sex tour is limited to Europe and I am guessing mainly Eastern Europe, which is known for its beautiful woman and emerging economy. The idea is two guys travel across Europe hooking up with different woman they meet and have sex with them. Some of the women...
Pimp Parade (Overall score: 6.3)
What could be hotter than hot black hookers getting banged by huge dicks? That's what Pimp Parade is all about - black guys who talk the pimp talk and make money renting out ebony pussy. A lot of the action here features dark-skinned babes with fine round booties getting together in groups to service a trick, although a couple of the oldest videos are one on one. The site offers some hot trailers, downloadable videos and access to a 20-site porn...
15 on 1 (Overall score: 6.0)
The tour of 15 on 1 shows some incredible gangbang scenes. Each episode shows a single horny girl as she takes on what looks like at least 10 guys. Sometimes the guys stand together for a photo and you can count 14 or even 15 of them - and every one of these guys gets a turn at the girl and gets to shoot his load all over her. Want to know more about this site? Read on as we review the member area of 15 on 1!
Orgy Sex Parties (Overall score: 6.0)
Imagine a huge party - a room filled with horny society people drinking and talking and fucking and sucking all at once. That's the theme of Orgy Sex Parties, a site that promises us some incredible fuck party action once the booze is flowing. The tour promises us weekly updates and shows us videos packed with horny guys and girls who are getting it on with everyone within reach. Get ready and strap yourselves in - we're going inside Orgy Sex...
Gangbang Divas (Overall score: 6.0)
The site under the microscope today is Gangbang Divas. The name has the key element; this is a gangbang site, no big surprise really. Three guys on top of one girl - this is not classy stuff, but I doubt there's ever been a "classy" gangbang anyway. What it is raw sex - and that's what we're here for.
Orgyental (Overall score: 5.8)
What a great domain name, Orgyental. It immediately makes you think of oriental orgy. And that of course is the theme of the site. The tour describes the site as "the first ever black on Asian orgy site!" Each episode is over 90 minutes log and features "over 6 hot Asian sluts getting fucked in every possible way by 6 big black dicks." The tour is enticing. The orgies are set in sumptuous settings and the girls look great. If you are Asian...

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