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Category: Extreme

Throated (Overall score: 8.5)
Throated is a site for throat fucking and deepthroat fans. If you love watching girls take a cock as deep in her throat as she can, and gagging a little while she does it, this site really hits the spot. In fact many of these girls not only go all the way down as they suck on a cock but they seem to really love doing it. The tour shows girls with makeup running down their faces while they gag on cocks that stretch their throats - but they keep...
Ghetto Gaggers (Overall score: 7.8)
Ghetto Gaggers is a site that takes pretty black girls and ebony pornstars, treats them to rough sex and verbal abuse and then covers them with cum. It's shocking and it's meant to be. To give you an idea of what this site is like, the first girl listed on the tour is black porn superstar Lacey Duvalle. As the narrator of the site text says about her "minutes later there were white cocks thrusting down her throat until she was reduced to a pile...
Facial Abuse (Overall score: 7.8)
This site is more about the degradation of its female stars than it is about their sexuality. Walking the fine line between eroticism and abuse, the producers cobble together a twisted brand of smut that will have a solid place in the dark hearts of their loyal fans while causing nothing but outrage in people who are not attracted to their unique attempts at charming them.
Freaks of Cock (Overall score: 7.6)
There are a lot of big cock sex sites out there promising we'll see chicks stuffed with truly massive tree trunk-sized meat. But honestly most of these sites don't come through. Well, here's one that does. It's called Freaks of Cock and the girls in this site suck and get fucked by dicks that truly deserve to be called gigantic. And even better, the babes on this site are hot - good looking, great bodies and ready to try out the biggest...
Gag on My Cock (Overall score: 7.3)
One look at the extremely hardcore tour of Gag on My Cock and I could tell that this site was absolutely serious about explicit face fucking. This isn't the place for an intimate blowjob to be revealed but the type of site that exposes just exactly how brutal fucking a girl's throat can get. If seeing gorgeous amateur girls holding back tears while they suffocate on cock is your idea of a good time then this obscene site will make you pitch a...
Service Whores (Overall score: 7.3)
Service Whores, what a great site name for those of us that like to degrade and debase women. What new forms of humiliation can this site find to inflict on our sisters? Let’s see what they have to say for themselves. "If you like seeing young girls getting fucked and disciplined in every possible way then you have come to the right place. Our videos are 100% exclusive and original and we will continue to break the boundaries and bring you...
Latina Abuse (Overall score: 7.0)
Latina Abuse is an extreme porn site. The girls are all cute amateur Latinas and they are subjected to rough treatment, name calling and all sorts of things you can bet they never did with their boyfriends. If watching sweet Latin girls as they get cock-slapped, throat fucked, fish hooked, banged HARD and generally humiliated before they are treated like cum-bags and covered with jizz turns you on, Latina Abuse has you covered. This is...
Deep Throat Newbies (Overall score: 6.6)
Deep Throat Newbies isn't so much a deepthroat site as it is a throat fucking site. There are guys pushing girls' heads down hard to shove their cocks till they hit the back of the throats. There's also plenty of fishhooking and some episodes where the chicks take on 2 dicks at once. I'd consider this a fairly extreme site, although I've certainly seen more extreme. One other thing that might be worth mentioning is that although the makeup and...
Jism Junkies (Overall score: 5.8)
Jism Junkies says their mission is to find sexy amateur sluts that love to suck dick and can take massive loads. Sounds like they have the same mission as most guys. After all, who wouldn't love a babe who's always ready to give a blowjob and can't wait to get covered with lots of hot cum? A closer look at the sample pics on the tour shows that this is not so much a cum or blowjob site as it is an extreme or gagging site. You can see the girls...

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