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Cumfiesta (Overall score: 8.8)
Despite the site name, Cum Fiesta not just a cumshot site. It's more an amateur sex site featuring girls between 18 and 22 who the site says they find in chatrooms and web personals. These sexually adventurous girls get banged and then get drenched in cum. I wanted to see samples some of the girls and discovered there are pages and pages in the tour, and there are sample pics on the tour pages of over 100 models. They got me ready for the member...
Big Mouthfuls (Overall score: 8.5)
Big Mouthfuls shows all sorts of sexy amateur girls who suck cocks and swallow huge loads of cum. The girls on the tour are real hotties, and although the tour doesn't show the action, we get to see the girls up close and personal. We also get to read about what happens in each episode, and I think seeing girls like this get their mouths filled with jizz is pretty inspiring. Let's go head on over to the member area and check out some Big...
Load My Mouth (Overall score: 8.3)
Load My Mouth is pornstar Brandon Iron's POV cumswallowing site. In it, girls suck his huge dick and then get a mouth full of his jizz. There are no facial cumshots, no tits covered in cum. Mr. Iron knows exactly where he wants to shoot his load - into the open mouths of the many pornstars and amateurs he lined up for this site. And if you do find yourself at the tour, and you're on broadband, be sure and check out the high quality video preview...
Ebony Cum Dumps (Overall score: 8.3)
Ebony Cum Dumps is all about just one thing - black chicks sucking on white cocks and drinking down loads of cum while being called a whore. It's a little mellower than its sister site, Ghetto Gaggers, but this is still not a pretty site. It's raunchy, nasty and it doesn't try to make the girls look good.
The Big Swallow (Overall score: 8.0)
If you are one of the many guys out there that likes facial cum shots this site will have appeal. There are those who will argue that there is no such thing as a bad facial and the more cum you can spatter on a pretty face the better. The natural extension of this is the bukkake fad and right now I don't know who is winning in dumping the most cum on to a face, the Japanese who invented the practice, or the Americans who always can be counted on...
Big League Facials (Overall score: 8.0)
I have been reviewing pay sites for a while now and so I have seen a lot of sperm ejaculated on a lot of faces. That is a lot of spilled sperm under the bridge of the nose. I often imagine an extra-terrestrial trying to draw some conclusions about our methods of reproduction after watching a whole lot of porn films. I confess I find a facial to be an erotic completion to a sex scene if it does not end in a look of absolute disgust on the woman's...
Cummin' at Ya (Overall score: 7.8)
Cummin' At Ya bills itself as "the no. 1 site for the hottest teens sucking cock and taking big fat cum loads on their pretty little faces!!" The site's tour attracted me because it because I worked with a girl featured on the tour page when I opened it. She is Patricia Petite from Montreal. She is getting to be well known in the porn biz after three years and is still only 21. The tour page changes every time you refresh it. The tour shows you...
POV XXX (Overall score: 7.8)
POV XXX is not a roman numeral. Point of View shooting (POV) is one of my favorites. The POV is of course ours. It can seem as though it is your cock getting stroked or sucked or penetrating the warm wet depths of some young woman's vagina. It can make for pretty intimate and erotic viewing. It gives you the feeling of being there. The amateur video world abounds with POV shots. Usually one of the couple holds the camera, always the guy it seems...
1000 Facials (Overall score: 7.8)
1000 Facials got me to thinking, "Have I viewed a 1000 facials already?" That’s one hell of a lot of facials but I am sure being the big viewer of porn that a reviewer of porn must be, that I have seen already at least 1000 facials. That’s a lot of the creamy white stuff under the bridge as they say. Still a site with the balls, pun intended, to call itself 1000 Facials, must have one hell of a lot of content. Alas I see that they...
Sperm Cocktail (Overall score: 7.7)
If you have a fetish for watching beautiful babes ingest massive wads of freshly shot spunk then Sperm Cocktail might just be the website that satisfies you cum filled fantasies. At this extremely hardcore site tons of horny chicks are shown taking on entire groups of guys at the same time. These filthy girls get totally violated and are showing just how much a slut can truly crave cum. Sperm Cocktail is totally raw and these nymphos are even...
Sperm Suckers (Overall score: 7.5)
Build a better blowjob site and the world will beat a path to your door. Opinions will vary wildly on what makes a better blowjob but we will all agree that the money shot makes or breaks the deal. With a domain name like sperm sucker this site would seem to be focussed on the money end of the business. "Play with it, gargle it, suck it through a straw", they announce in the tour. All good but we have seen that oh so often already. Girls...
Gobble My Goo (Overall score: 7.5)
Gobble My Goo is a domain name that leaves little doubt as to the subject matter of the site. And if there is any doubt, it is immediately cleared up by the headline emblazoned across the top of the tour page, "Thursty (sic) whores swallowing gobs of goo just for you." It is most unfortunate that the first word on the page is misspelled. It certainly does not instill a great deal of confidence in the quality of the site. Let’s hope the...
First Time Swallows (Overall score: 7.3)
Anyone who has watched a lot of porn will know that the way you inseminate a woman is to deposit a load of sperm in her mouth that she swallows thereby becoming pregnant. Before Porn, or PB, as some refer to it, women were inseminated by ejaculating a stream of sperm into the vagina. This old technique may be returning as witnessed by the increasing number of cream pie sites but it is too early to tell if it will be anal or vaginal injection...
Facial Fest (Overall score: 7.3)
The tour pages of Facial Fest don't really say that much about the site so I just scanned through it and looked at the pics and trailer video. All you need to know right now is that inside you'll be getting pics and videos of babes getting cum all over their face... and it is all exclusive content from the BangBros network. Not only does that mean the site is backed up by people who know what they're doing, it also means you get free access to...
Cover My Face (Overall score: 7.2)
My first thought is this is just what the world needs, another facial cum shot site. Clearly we are enthralled by the sight of women drenched in our cum if one is to judge by the number of facial sites that exist and the number of times that a porno flick ends with the guy ejaculating all over the woman's face. This site offers that and much more. The first page of the tour features Missy Munroe showered with the cum of twenty-nine guys. There...
Only Swallows (Overall score: 7.1)
The site being reviewed right here is Only Swallows. This is a cum-swallowing hardcore site. It promises exclusive DVD-quality videos, as to whether they deliver or not, we shall soon see. For anybody keeping track, this is the first site I've reviewed that starts with the letter "O"... astounding, right?
Cumshot Surprise (Overall score: 7.1)
If you love watching babes drenched by cum - I'm talking literally dripping with cum - Cumshot Surprise the biggest, wettest messiest cumshots around. The tour shows cocks exploding with massive loads of jizz all over hot porn chicks, in their open mouths, on their faces, tits and pussies. There are two or more girls in each preview on the tour. The site offers exclusive downloadable content plus access to the Porn Pros Network, which features...
Latina Abuse (Overall score: 7.0)
Latina Abuse is an extreme porn site. The girls are all cute amateur Latinas and they are subjected to rough treatment, name calling and all sorts of things you can bet they never did with their boyfriends. If watching sweet Latin girls as they get cock-slapped, throat fucked, fish hooked, banged HARD and generally humiliated before they are treated like cum-bags and covered with jizz turns you on, Latina Abuse has you covered. This is...
Cummy Pantyhose (Overall score: 6.8)
Cummy Pantyhose has a name that pretty much explains what this site is all about - hot pantyhose sex ending with a messy cumshot all over the silky nylons. The tour shows big pics of girls in torn pantyhose, just fucked and covered in hot jizz. There are some amateur girls and some pornstars on the page, too, all wearing sheer sexy pantyhose. As do so many tours out there, this one also promises hi-res pics and dvd-quality videos inside. Let's...
Swallow Newbies (Overall score: 6.8)
What guy doesn't love watching a girl swallow a load of cum? Well, Swallow Newbies is about exactly that - horny chicks who suck and fuck, then get their mouths filled with jizz and drink it down. Are these girls really new to cum drinking? Well, you never know - some of them may never have tried chugging hot semen before, but these girls seem to know their way around a cock. But whether it's their first time or not, these babes definitely get...
Cum Covered Glasses (Overall score: 6.5)
Cum Covered Glasses proves that sometimes men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses. In fact, girls wearing glasses look very cute and maybe a tad intellectual. The tour shows us some amateur honeys getting facials while wearing their specs. Let's take a look at what the tour promises us. It says all movies are DVD quality, which would certainly be a plus. It also says on the join page that the site is updated with a new girl every week....
Swallow Me POV (Overall score: 6.5)
The site under the microscope today is Swallow Me POV. This is a cum-swallowing hardcore site shot in point-of-view format. This allows you to see yourself as the guy in the action, or at least just not have to look at some dude's face & ass when he's performing his sex act - that's a plus in my book.
Cum Swapping Cheerleaders (Overall score: 6.3)
Cum Swapping Cheerleaders takes two popular porn niches - cheerleaders and cum-swapping - and puts them together in a hardcore site. For guys into cheerleader uniforms and girls sharing loads of cum mouth to mouth, this seems like a site that should get your attention. The tour here offers potential members features like exclusive content plus hi-res DVD quality movies that are 30 minutes are longer and can be downloaded to your hard drive. A...
Swallow for Cash (Overall score: 6.0)
Up for review next is Swallow for Cash. This is an anal site that ends with cum swallowing. You wouldn't expect the anal aspect with a title like that, but in the tour they actually treat it like their main hook. The tour promises weekly updates, DVD-quality movies, and access to 100 bonus sites, so let's see how it stacks up.
Jizz on Glasses (Overall score: 5.7)
There aren't a lot of sites out there featuring sexy amateur girls in glasses, so I was pretty happy to find Jizz on Glasses. As you can probably tell from the site name, this site is not only a chicks in glasses site - it's also a cumshot site. Every girl shown on the tour not only wears specs but also has cum dripping down both her glasses and her face in at least one pic.
Teen POV Facials (Overall score: 5.0)
I just reviewed a site that is one of the bonus sites for Teen POV Facials. It could have been an ok lesbian site but they billed it as a guys-fingering-girls site. Needless to say, I was not very impressed. So I admit to starting this review in a prejudiced state of mind. The four girls on the front page of the tour, Sandra, Claudia, Haley and Yvonna, are all quite cute and delectable. I have never seen any of the women before so maybe the text...
Girls Drink Cum (Overall score: 4.0)
I am beginning to wonder if I have been around the porn scene on the Internet too long. I kind of shudder when I see another teen cum shot site. We have girls who swallow, we have girls who sip cum through a straw, we have girls drinking cum out of a glass. It has all been done before and is still being done now and if you are going to do it you had better do it damn well. I don’t think this site is going to make the grade. I just reviewed...

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