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Category: College

Big Tits at School (Overall score: 7.9)
Big Tits at School is yet another site from the folks at Big Boob Pass, and as usual it looks like they got it right. Big titted college girls fucking in class, teachers with huge racks teaching more than just math - even an occasional parent/teacher conference. If enormous breasts turn you on and you have a schoolroom fantasy, this site looks like it really delivers! And with "name brand" pornstars like Gina Lynn, Lacey DuValle and milf star...
SoCal Coeds (Overall score: 7.8)
After seeing so many so-called college girl sites featuring famous pornstars or 30 year old actresses, it's a pleasure to visit a site where it's easy to believe the girls are in college. They're young (between 18 and 22), cute and seem to be having a good time. If you love teen sex, this site has tons of it. There are masturbation videos plus plenty of 18 year old coeds who love to suck cock and get fucked.
Coeds Need Cash (Overall score: 7.8)
Coeds Need Cash is a site that claims to have college coeds giving up pussy in exchange for book money. Since most porn girls are the same age as college girls, it's hard to know if these are young women working hard to get a degree or just young women working to get men hard. Either way, if you love the fantasy of coeds convinced to have sex with a stranger to pay her bills, join me as we take a look at the member area of Coeds Need Cash!
College Teens Book Bang (Overall score: 7.5)
College is expensive today and with money being hard to come by, what's a girl to do? The cost of books, parking fees, health fees and enrollment fees is just so ridiculous that a young college girl is going to have a real hard time, right? But some of these chicks are in luck! They have found a way to combat inflation by devouring hard cocks! The site is called College Teens Book Bang and it looks pretty good so let's take a peek at the member...
College Wild Parties (Overall score: 7.5)
When you check out the College Wild Parties tour, you may get the impression that college students seem to spend an awful lot of time at parties where they drink plenty of beer, scream and yell a lot and get all the pussy they can. Well, the guys do, the girls drink the bear, scream and yell and suck a lot of cock. Yup, sounds like my college days all right! If seeing 18 - 23 year old girls getting truly wild in front of large groups of drunken...
Spring Break Skin (Overall score: 6.7)
The site being reviewed here is Spring Break Skin. It features videos of girls doing things during spring break-style settings they'll probably regret later - flashing their tits, dancing around, making out with their friends, taking them back to their hotel rooms - much of it while being drunk and probably all of it while being stupid. But hey, there's tons of drunken horny guys crowded around who could be watching you girls, gotta put on a...
Spring Break Spy Cam (Overall score: 6.5)
The words "spring break" conjure visions of college students drinking, running around in bikinis, getting wild and fucking everything that moves. Spring Break Spy Cam says they capture it all on hidden cam by traveling all over to get footage of all sorts of spring break madness. Sounds good to me - what could be hotter than drunk college girls going completely out of control? I decided to take a look inside to get the rundown on this site.
Hot Campus Teens (Overall score: 6.1)
There's something about college girls. They're at that line between teen and woman, they're smart and independent, and they are at that time in life when girls and guys love to experiment with sex. They're open to doing things - or people - that they would never consider later on. The crew of Hot Campus Teens go from college to college checking out the campuses and finding new and horny college students to fuck on camera. The tour is a typical...
Wet Wild and Wasted (Overall score: 4.7)
I love the alliteration of the domain name. Wet, wild and wasted is how I like my women, well not really so much any more but back when I was in University it was not doubt true. They say youth is wasted on the young but only the young can get wasted night after night and semi function the next day. This site is dedicated to "Drunken Sluts on Spring Break." The images in the tour intimate that these drunken spring break harlots will be fucking....

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