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Category: Cfnm

Pure CFNM (Overall score: 8.0)
It was only a couple of years ago that I, a well seasoned porn surfer, had to ask my friend and webmaster Patti, an even more seasoned porn surfer, what CFNM meant. I was also late in coming to know the meaning of MILF. For the few of you out there who may not know CFNM means clothed female(s) naked male(s). I put the plural version in bracket because in the case of the clothed females it is almost always more than one and in the case of the...
CFNM Secret (Overall score: 7.1)
CFNM Secret focuses on clothed females and nude males, and the women are definitely in control. If you like the idea of watching hot milfs as they use horny naked men to do their every bidding, you're going to like the content here, which is exclusive and lets the chicks objectify and enjoy the guys rather than the other way around. The guys are treated as the ultimate sex toys, and the women have a great time as they make the guys service them....
Dancing Bear (Overall score: 7.0)
Dancing Bear - or Tale of the Dancing Bear, to give the full name - is a troup of male strippers who do shows at clubs, sorority houses, offices and residences. They do bachelorette parties, birthday parties or any kind of party where the ladies want to celebrate with some dick. The guys strip, tease the women into a frenzy, and then let them stroke and suck the guys' cocks while the girls cheer each other on. Ever want to see a group of women...
CFNM Exposed (Overall score: 6.3)
CFNM Exposed caters to people who are turned on by CFNM, which stands for clothed females naked males. Some see CFNM as a way of humiliating the men who are fully undressed and sexualized by the women - others just think it's hot. The tour shows episodes with some sample pics and a long description, supposedly written by the man in each video. I like what I see on the tour - all sorts of scenarios in which men are stripped and sometimes...
Kobe Surprise (Overall score: 6.3)
Here's a twist on the regular CFNM site. It's called Kobe Surprise, and it's not only CFNM (that stands for Clothed Female Naked Male) site - it's the first CFNM site I've seen that features Asian chicks. And in keeping with the niche, there's shoots featuring Japanese babes in schoolgirl uniforms, candy strippers and nurses. The girls here are mostly attractive, and some giggle as they are faced with cocks to suck. I must say I'm intrigued, so...

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