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Big Ass Adventure (Overall score: 8.5)
It is only in the last few years I have started paying attention to women's butts. Neil, a friend of mine, was a butt fanatic. It was always his favorite body part of an attractive woman. He was a real connoisseur. He used to send me pictures of pretty posteriors. When we walked down Saint Catherine Street, he would nudge me in the ribs when a beautiful bottom was in view. Half the time I was too late. My own favorite part of a woman has always...
Big Wet Butts (Overall score: 8.5)
What to make of a site with a title of Big Wet Butts? I like butts but do I like them big and wet? When I think of big butts I think of fat butts. Fortunately, for me anyway, the butts depicted in the site’s tour are not fat. They are round and "bubblyish" and in fact quite beautiful, all glistening with oil. These butts are not wet, they are oily. Now I can get into beautiful oily butts particularly if they are attached to beautiful oily...
Big Tits Round Asses (Overall score: 8.4)
If you can't decide which you like better, big tits or a big butt, why not try 'em both? Big Tits Round Asses is all about a guy called Dirty Sanchez filming amateur girls who are endowed on the top and the bottom. He knows how to find these big butt, big tit chicks, how to get 'em to come back and show their assets off, and he knows how to get 'em to fuck and suck on camera. The tour has some hot fucking huge boobed honeys with big butts but...
Ass Parade (Overall score: 8.3)
Ass Parade is a site dedicated to bubble butts. Ass men, take note - the girls on the Ass Parade tour all seem to have the ASSets you're looking for. These honeys have jutting butts and they are ready to ASStound you with their bouncy rounded rears. Not only do these butt-a-licious babes show off their bottoms, but they also them themselves get fucked raw on camera. If you love big butts as much as I do, you'll want to know if Ass Parade really...
Butts and Blacks (Overall score: 8.3)
Butts and Blacks, or more accurately "white butts and blacks" is yet another interracial site. This is a Brazzers network site and like so many of the Brazzers’ sites that I have reviewed their tours make you wonder what they think of the intelligence of their prospective members. Clearly from the women depicted in the generous four page tour this is a blacks on whites’ site. There is just one woman who would appear to be partially...
Big Butts Like It Big (Overall score: 8.3)
Here's a site that puts together 3 types of porn that really work together - anal sex, big round butts and big cocks. It's called Big Butts Like It Big, and the tour shows exactly what this site has to offer. We're talking hot babes and pornstars with bubble butts getting boned up the ass! The action shown on the tour is condom-free, the dicks are big, and there's plenty of anal penetration, as well as reality porn-style plots. This site is part...
Mike in Brazil (Overall score: 8.0)
Mike in Brazil goes to Brazil to find the horniest big butt Latin honeys he can find. The girls on the tour got my attention as they have huge round booties, sweet brown skin and the sample pics show them fucking like crazy. They look like real amateurs and the sample pics and videos show some awesome butt jiggling and hardcore sex. So what are we waiting for? Let's see what the members' area has in store for us.
Hot Chicks Big Asses (Overall score: 8.0)
Hot Chicks Big Asses is a mighty long domain name but certainly descriptive. This is another site from Brazzers. I have reviewed a half dozen or so of their sites and if one thing can be said about them they do seem to like big tits and big asses. The last site of theirs that I reviewed was Butts and Blacks. My favorite model on that site was Rebecca Linares and here she is, the first model featured on their tour. She has a beautiful bubble butt...
40 Inch Plus (Overall score: 7.8)
40 Inch Plus brings us girls who have HUGE round asses. These firm and luscious butts are shown off in all their glory. The tour shows us a whole lotta these big butts - all measuring 40 inches or larger around. Beside plenty the video samples of girls jiggling and shaking their butt cheeks, there are also plenty of samples of these big booty babes in hardcore action. Jennifer Lopez, move over - the girls of 40 Inch Plus are here!
Round and Brown (Overall score: 7.8)
If you're a fan of amateur black babes with big jiggly butts, hold onto your chair. Round and Brown is a no-nonsense tour that gets us right to the booty - fine, round black booty, that is. There are 28 hot and nasty ebony honeys fucking and sucking on the tour with the promise of more inside the member area. If you think this sounds good, read on as we check out the member area of Round and Brown.
Ball Honeys (Overall score: 7.8)
Ball Honeys is an ethnic sex site. B.A.L. apparently stands for Black, Asian and Latina. The site doesn't mention what the other L stands for but some of the girls on this tour are hot! In fact, they all look pretty good to me, and I'm not just saying that. Besides showing us the babes, Ball Honeys says they update with a new girl every Friday. I'm sold, so let's check out the member area and see if Ball Honeys delivers the goods.
Asses in Public (Overall score: 7.8)
Asses in Public features a variety of very sexy chicks who go out with a cameraman and show off their asses and pussies in public places like parking garages, Venice Beach and right there on the public streets. Not only that, but these babes are more than happy to find an alley somewhere and suck some cock. In fact, a couple of these honeys not only flash passersby, but they get fucked in front of them. As you may have guessed, these girls...
Fuck My Jeans (Overall score: 7.7)
Do you get turned on when you see hot girls wearing skin-tight jeans? If so, you're not alone - there's even a website about it called Fuck My Jeans. Not only do these sexy babes squeeze their asses into blue jeans so tight you can see every curve of their bodies, but they're so tight that the guys can barely peel them back off of the chicks butts. Hell, sometimes the guys don't even bother to pull the jeans all the way down before shoving their...
Round Mound of Ass (Overall score: 7.6)
The Round Mound of Ass tour shows some nice big ass babes showing off what they've got - and what they've got is some big sexy butts! And it looks like these gals really shake that thang while they suck on hard cocks and get fucked. And judging from the join page, members also get access to a rather impressive collection of bonus sites. Since I like big butts - and I cannot lie - I can't wait to take a closer look deep inside Rounds Mounds of...
Meat My Ass (Overall score: 7.6)
Meat My Ass finds girls with round, ripe asses. Then these lovelies get penetrated in every hole - first mouth, then pussy and finally those fine juicy asses. And speaking of lovely, there are pornstars doing anal on the tour including Olivia O'Lovely, Jada Fire and Flower Tucci. All the chicks on the tour spread their cheeks so their tight, puckered rear holes can be pounded by hard cocks. If you like watching girls get it in the ass, join me...
Pump That Ass (Overall score: 7.5)
I must admit I am a latecomer to the area of anal sex. Buggery as it was once called was considered a perversion. I chuckle at this because undoubtedly outside our porn world here, it is undoubtedly still considered a perversion. I confess to never having experienced it myself, but I have grown to accept it as a desirable addition to ones bag of sexual pleasures. I have arrived at this conclusion after many conversations with women who have told...
Phat Booty Hoes (Overall score: 7.4)
If you love big black asses and are ready for some nasty ebony bitches who love slurping on huge cocks, welcome to our review of Phat Booty Hoes. This is not a site full of sweet innocent college girls. This site offers up a helping of horny black amateurs who love shaking their big round booties and getting their mouths and pussies stuffed with huge ebony dicks. Big black butt lovers, strap yourselves in and get comfortable as we take an...
Bubble Butt Orgy (Overall score: 7.4)
The name Bubble Butt Orgy might be a little misleading for a site that just focuses on black babes but then again all of these hotties seem to have rather juicy buns. The tour makes it clear that this page is focused on thick brown ass being violated in naughty group sex sessions. Every orgy event has a line up of ebony cuties and a gang of eager dudes that are well equipped for penetrating these over sized asses. Bubble Butt Orgy brings...
Phat White Booty (Overall score: 7.3)
There are plenty of big black butt sites and a fair number of big booty latina sites but it isn't easy to find a site full of cute white chicks with large round asses. That's why Phat White Booty caught my attention. Judging by the tour, this is a site where white babes got back, and these honeys are getting drilled in every hole by gigantic black cocks. So we're talking a triple-threat here: big white asses, interracial sex and anal. Damn - I...
Monster Curves (Overall score: 7.3)
If you love women with round tits and asses and curvy figures, have I got a site for you! It's called Monster Curves and features girls who are not only nicely rounded, but also have nice legs. Not skinny legs or fat legs but womanly and rounded. These are chicks with enough cushion for the pushin' and to feel great when you give the little squeeze.
40oz Bounce (Overall score: 7.3)
40oz Bounce is a site featuring chicks with big round asses. If you're a butt man, get ready for this one because the booties are oiled up and bouncing. But 40oz Bounce also has a theme - sort of a ghetto-style reality vibe. Expect to see plenty of gangstas and wannabes with a rap mentality and some crazy stuff. If you like entertaining sites with some actual plot coming before each video, this is a very entertaining site from the horny...
Big Wet Asses (Overall score: 7.2)
Our next review is Big Wet Asses. This is, not surprisingly, an anal sex site. The tour says it's presented by Elegant Angel, which suggests what a quick web search then confirms, Big Wet Asses is Elegant Angel's porno DVD series - and that seems to be the content on the site. The site promises access to 40 bonus sites, daily updates, DVD-quality movies, and exclusive live shows, so let's see how it matches up.
Ass Masterpiece (Overall score: 6.8)
The site's reality style tour bills itself as the number one ass site on the web. Granted the tour does show some nice asses but I am always suspect of fraudulent claims on the net. Overstating your sites worth is a step on that slippery slope and certainly has raised my expectations that this had better be one goddamn good ass site. I must say the tour of Ass Masterpiece is impressive. There are five pages with 6 trailers on each page so that...
Phat Booty Cheerleaders (Overall score: 6.8)
Imagine cheerleaders with cute amateur faces and big, round butts. Then imagine those short cheerleader skirts showing peeks of white panties covering those sexy asses. Phat Booty Cheerleaders shows a collection featuring both white and black girls in their cheerleader uniforms as they toss their pom poms and shake their booties for the team. Of course, all that jumping around in tiny skirts must make these girls horny, 'cause the girls do a lot...
Phat Booty Brazil (Overall score: 6.7)
Today we're going to check out a site dedicated to assmen who also love Latinas. The site is called Phat Booty Brazil and the tour tells us to expect Brazilian girls with big round butts getting busy in HD videos. Judging by what I see on the tour, it looks like those sexy Latin chicks are getting fucked in those big asses, too. So hold onto your seats as we log in and take an up-close look at Phat Booty Brazil.
Brick House Butts (Overall score: 6.6)
Brick House Butts says they are the home of the biggest, fattest asses on the web. I don't know about that but the butts on their tour are big and round and pleasingly plump. These are the kind of asses that give you lots to grab hold of and the girls on the tour also have big, soft tits. There are also some promises on the tour. They say the videos are all downloadable, which is always good news, and that the movies are DVD quality, which...
Bubble Butts Galore (Overall score: 6.5)
Bubble Butts Galore is a site dedicated to girls with big round asses. There are no girls on the tour with skinny or flat asses - the girls on the tour all have thick butts with plenty of meat on them and yes, these girls do get fucked in those wonderful asses. If you're an ass man, this tour is bound to get your attention so let's head off for the member area and see if the butts are as round and yummy as promised!
Extreme Asses (Overall score: 6.5)
Let's talk about big asses here for a minute. Guys like me like to see a fully-formed round taut ass straining against some tight pants or popping out of a bikini, right? We love this shit. So when I was given the opportunity to review a site that promises the "world's most extreme booty girls" I ran to my computer double-time. This site is called Extreme Asses and the model at the entrance is a lightly tanned Latin girl perched upon a fence...
Bad Girl Butts (Overall score: 6.3)
Bad Girl Butts is one of the few butt sites out there that isn't about anal sex. The tour features hot honeys showing off their round, sexy asses in panties and thongs. The video trailer has a bumpin' beat and shows girlies as they use their rears to tempt and tease. The girls aren't well lit but what counts is those well-padded bumpers on slim, cute babes. So without further ado, I'm logging in to see what I can see inside Bad Girl Butts!
Phat Ass Housewives (Overall score: 6.0)
I am not up on my Ebonics but I know that phat doesn’t actually mean fat, it means something positive and as I glace through the pictures in the tour of Phat Ass Housewives it’s clear that these asses are not fat. Well there may be one or two that veer in that direction but most are just nice round bubble butts. This site comes with two complementary bonus sites, MILF Thong Hunters and Milf Boobies. It so happens that I have recently...
Round Juicy Butts (Overall score: 5.8)
Who rights this stuff? I love butts. I love round butts. But a juicy butt is not something I can relate to. We are not talking about oranges or other fruits here where juicy might be an appropriate adjective. Round juicy peaches are appealing; round juicy butts less so. A juicy vagina I understand but a juicy butt, just from where is that juice emanating? This non sequitur emanates from the same folks who described breasts in the last site I...

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